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    How individually you feel that your life changed after 3 years of Modi's government?

    After completion of three years governance at center there is a lot of debate regarding the rule of Modi's BJP government at the center. During these three years he introduced so many new schemes for the people, certain missions like swachh Bharat, Demonetization program, corruption control measures, abolition of VIP culture etc. Because of all these programs, during these three years do you find individually or personally any change brought in your life. Personally do you find there is any significant change in your life or you find your life slightly improved or your life same as before or you find little deteriorated. Individually I find there is no change in my life style and I find it as same before. Initially at demonetization time we tried to use debit card at more places but at present because of no problem with physical money I find life as before. Because of swachh Bharat program I am not seeing much improvement in the cleanliness of my city but here and there few toilets are found constructed in poor peoples houses. people are talking about the continuation of old corruption and bribes stories at all public places. So what is your feeling folks?
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    I think we all can unanimously agree the fact that Modi is the most active Prime minister of all time. Well that being said, some of his words show immediate results while most of his works happen without public's notice.
    As far as my life is concerned, I think that sometimes Modi is ushering us into things. I think demonetization was not a very intelligent move. Make in India and Swach bharath campaigns haven't showed promising results yet.
    So, nothing can be told about progress as of now.
    But as a person, he serves as a good example. He is trying to propagate yoga and trying to establish a good foreign relationship. He has brought India many new jobs. And he interacts with and attracts youth pretty well.

    So, my life after Modi regime has changed a bit. I'm more interested in Politics now. I even aspire to become a politician.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes. I have a change. Before Modi Government I was using only credit card for some transactions and I was using physical cash for many transactions. But now I stopped using physical cash and 99% of expenses I am doing through internet, paytm, credit card or debit card.That is a positive change. Personally this is a big change.
    Other than this i have no significant change. But India as a country is doing very good. Recently I visited Visakhapatnam. The effect of Swachh Bharat is so high and roads are so clean that I have never seen the roads of any city like that. A very good development.
    In the coming years we will see lot more improvement and definitely every one will feel the change. Definitely the present government is far better than all previous governments.

    always confident

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    Yes after Modi government came into power, the life of ordinary citizens has changed. For me too I could see a sea change in government offices. Even for a small paper work at government offices there used to be procedures and ignorant of that would amount to corruption. Now every office displays their charter of work and how to get it done and thus through e filling and submissions, the work is getting done and there is no scope for corruption by low ranks. Even the traffic police is not stopping for violations as the fine if any is being routed through challan raised on line and the payment sought.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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