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    Emotion during breakup

    Hey, I am here to give description about emotions during breakup.

    Yeah, when one person love another person and imagine her or commit her as his/her partner throughout the life. And if it is first love then the person has more impact on his heart and mind. If breakup happened suddenly then the person will go into a darkness of sarrow and pain.
    On that time, negative thoughts will arrive our minds and leads to harvest conditions some cowards performs suicide while other get self motivation and try to get in relationship again after breakup by Thier activities.
    Some people forget everything and starts a new life.

    Emotion during breakup has a great impact on mind and heart never believe or obey negative thoughts and be positive.
    A great person said,"I had a pet which is sparrow and it left me and again I had a squirrel as a pet it also left me then I planted a tree, the both sparrow and squirrel returned me or had come back to me".
    So if someone left you try to make something which makes them to return you.

    Be motivated and be positive
    Try untill your last second and never give up.
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    Do you know why the sparrow and squirrel returned? Because the man has become resourceful now. No one leaves a good crop unattended. Everyone wants a resourceful person in their acquaintance.
    So, why would a breakup occur in the first place? When you are unable to provide your partner with your resources.
    So, the best way to cope up with breakup would be- to be resourceful.
    When you run behind success passionately, people run after you. Humans have a weird attraction towards passion.
    "Never beg for love". You don't have to persuade your partner to return. The fact that your partner left you, shows that she/he wouldn't stay by your side during the bad times. Instead, try to be successful. That's exactly what the man in story did. (Trying to be funny) If that tree had legs, it would have ran away from him too.

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    Break ups are the unfortunate events in ones life and it makes a big impact on the mind as shattering of relations is a painful process. In our life there are many harsh realities and if there is uncompatibility and hostility between two persons it becomes difficult to stay together and a sepration is inevitable. It may be fault of one or both the persons but separation equally haunts both. In some cases people even go to court to seek their rights. When people start expecting too much from their parteners but are not ready to reciprocate it ends in confrontation and fights. Break ups can be avoided if both the persons have mutual respect and sacrifice for each other.
    Knowledge is power.

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    As an experienced person who went through this phase more than once and after reaching middle-age, I can now say that this phase passes and life moves on. Immediately after break-up, all young men and women think that they can't bear this phasee, but after 2-3 years most of them forget and move on. Painful memory gets erased and only sweet memory remains. However some emotional fools' like Partha Kansabanik can never forget their first love.
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    Break up is really a sorrowful event. It is very difficult to digest and will definitely become emotional. In our country when a marriage is performed when girl goes with the boy to boy's house, the members of the family will become emotional as they are breaking. Of course she will be coming and all of them meeting together. Even then they become very emotional. If a love pair breaks up for some or other reason the party who really don't want to break will become emotional.

    Life will be moving. It will not stop at a place. So old wounds will get cured and new wounds will come. As the time goes slowly we will forget and become normal. This is the human life.

    Whatever negative thoughts and darkness that comes to our mind immediately after break up will get cured as the time goes. But the memories will always be there in the back of your mind. Sometimes they will come back to you and just remind you. But time will heal all the wounds.

    always confident

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    Break ups should not happen even to the enemy. The agony, the pain is great. One has to become more stubborn to accept the reality of the break up. The persons with weak heart and who never faced challenges in life before cannot face the break ups suddenly. Emotionally they let loose their preferences and end up crying and weeping for the wrong thing happened. Never loose the confidence in you. First of all when we like one another, there should not be difference of opinion. Even if such set backs occur, we should have the courage to pardon and take the things to our stride. Some times when we pardon the person for the mistake done, he or she shall repent and try to have normal moving with us. But we still think of old bad moments of life and the break up challenges, we cannot live in peace. So we have to mend our ways and pacify ourselves to convince that world has not come to end to accept the defeat that early.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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