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    Disadvantages of skipping Breakfast

    It is always suggested to have a healthy breakfast, because our stomach stay empty around 8-10 hour between dinner and break fast.
    By skipping Breakfast the metabolism get decreased which causes fat and increase of weight.
    Even after having a good lunch you feel tiered whole day.
    Also it disturb your blood pressure and sugar level.
    It causes irritate whole day also you can not concentrate on your job.
    Can cause headache, hair fall also, so always have a good and healthy break fast as per your season, food available etc.
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    All of us will start our day with morning prayer, getting ready to move out and attend our works. Most productive works should be done during the morning session. We require lot of energy during these hours. Generally we all will have dinner in the night and next meal will be in the morning only . The gap is very high. So empty stomach will start producing lot of acid. It will have lot of adverse effect on our health. To avoid this situation and to provide required energy for our work we should have sufficient food in the morning. This can be heavy also.

    Again in the afternoon we should have a light lunch. Otherwise we will feel sleepy and we will slow down in our activity.

    So even skipping lunch very rarely may be acceptable but not morning food. The health will get spoiled if you are not regular in your food habits and having breakfast is a healthy practice. Don't miss it.

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    I need to start early everyday so sometimes I compromise with breakfast. I totally agree with you. My weight went down drastically.
    I started losing hair and was suffering with an appetite loss.
    Now I have it has a resolution that I shall never skip my breakfast.
    Most of my generation kids eat very little in breakfast or skip it altogether.
    I think we should have a healthy yet full meal in breakfast.

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    Yes after the the last night sleep, our body needs food and that should be taken in the form of break fast. Many have the habit of skipping the break fast citing reasons for that. Giving 10 minutes time for break fast is must and we should not compromise on that. Those who are preparing the break fast should also be cared here. If we forgo and leave the house without having any food, what is the use of preparing break fast early in the morning. Moreover our body should with stand the hungry up to lunch time and therefore having a break fast is must. If even skipped for one day, the gastric problem arise.
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    Due to the daily routine of most of us, we need more energy during the first eight hours of the day. This energy requirement is provided by the breakfast. So, skipping breakfast is not at all a good idea. Diet-conscious people may take light lunch or skip dinners as per their specific requirements, but skipping/avoiding breakfast is harmful for health.
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    Actually in many cases,the main reason for skipping breakfast is ' notime'. But once we got practice of either side halls to have or skip breakfast well. As I was moving to my factoty (I n1977)by 5.00am, I could notavail breakfast and so since then and till 2005,i totally skipped breakfast.since I changed my employment in 2005,by force from my wife I started bf,but because of her demise, I again fell into the well.

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