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    Mother would beat lightly and control the child and father would beat really and then repent.

    Today is the Father's day and the world is celebrating the great sacrifice and love being shown by each father to his children. While the mother out of affection and love would lightly beat the child and control the overtures, it is the father who really beat the child because he does not want his child to go wrong way. But after beating he wont sleep and would repent for the act done. Even then the children like the father and they feel totally secure in his lap or on his back. On this Fathers day I bow my head to all those who are successfully bringing up their children in spite of set back and challenges in life. Kudos to them.
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    Happy fathers day to all. Father is one who is always behind us. when you lost he will pat your back and says don't worry, try again, I am with you. When you are successful he says well done my child, keep it up and be careful. He should be the role model for his children. Father is always strives for the well being of the child. In that process sometimes he may scold or beat the child. It is only to set him right . He repents later but he guides the children properly. We understand the mind of the father only when we become father. How much hardships he has to take for bringing up the child he only knows.
    It is my advise to all sons that don't misunderstand your father. All his acts are for your welfare only. Take care of him when he requires your protection and help. There is no other way to show your gratitude to him for the troubles he has taken for bringing you up.
    Happy fathers day once again.

    always confident

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    This is a very interesting subject though it is very commonly discussed or mentioned time to time in almost all the households.

    Generally mother will have soft corner for the child and child also feels this thing. The father's behaviour is that of the administrator and the child becomes cautious and alert as soon as father is back from his duty.

    So love and affection of mother sometimes may spoil the child but due to father's strict and stern attitude the child remains under control and discipline.

    Interestingly father also have a soft corner for the child but he can not show it because he knows that given liberty the child will not be serious in studies and career.

    Knowledge is power.

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