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    How to donate hair for cancer patients?

    Hello Friends,

    I feel bad whenever i check out cancer patients on internet. I want to help them in any way. I feel like I can donate my hair for them and make them happy. Mainly girls love their hair. So she will definitely feel bad when she loses all hairs during her treatment. At present iam growing my hair for this purpose but i have no idea how to donate them. I felt ISC will be the right place to get this information. Friends pls share the right website/information & share among your friends to help the cancer patients. Let us help them and make them live happily.

    DO Not reply for points. Pls share genuine information.
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    I have read this thread very carefully. But I do not find any merit in the argument of the author. A cancer patient looses his/her hair during chemotherapy. This is known as "Alopecia". At the time of treatment, the main concern should be saving the life of the patient. When the chemotherapy stops, the hair again start growing. Please take the example of famous cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. At the time of treatment of cancer, he lost his hair. Now, he has regained his hair.

    So, we should not be unduly bothered about hair loss by cancer patients. Instead we should find ways of making cancer drugs cheaper.

    This is my personal opinion.

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    While I do appreciate the author for gearing up to a genuine cause of donating hair to the needy cancer patient, what I feel that hair donation needs hair transplant procedure and that is done when the donor and receiver are at one place. But what I fear that being a cancer patient, they are kept in isolated ward and cannot be taken outside the hospitals where they are taking treatment. Your thought is very good and needs to be patted, but it cannot be done without the cooperation of the doctors at the cancer hospitals and others. Still I would also try to ascertain any way to have this donation done..
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    As explained by Mr. Partha, When a cancer patient was undergoing chemotherapy, it is usual that the patient will lose hair. It will be grown back after the treatment is over. So I feel it is not required to donate hair to the patients. The important issue is how to save his life. Let us think about that and if we can do something really let us do that so that he will recover from his illness and automatically you will find hair growing on this head. It is true that we should find ways make the medicines for cancer treatment cheaper.
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    It is a commendable and heart-warming decision. Please check out this site: They make wigs for not just cancer patients but for others too with medical problems that result in loss of hair. You can send them an email and make further enquiries (do not phone them as per the request made there.)

    Also read this article that I had read last month: It gives a list of NGOs whom you can contact.

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    Thank you Vandana & Mohan garu ... it was helpful for me ... @Partha & Srinivasa Rao : I know that we cannot help the cancer patients as they will be kept isolated ... we cant even help them reg medicines because cheap medicines or medical care shouldnt be done with them... No cancer patient will post on social networking website that they are suffering with cancer and need some mental help.. we know that every cancer patient loses their hair and should undergo chemotherapy which is unbearable to anyone. The only thing I have seen to help them is donating hair and make wigs to help them feel strong and beautiful.
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    With due respect to Ms. Soujanya, I feel she has misplaced/wrong priority.
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