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    Have you found an item you bought for small price giving you value for money and more?

    Some of us feel that only those which buy paying more are worth and durable. But we may not be aware that we may have many items which we bought only for small price, but they served us for long, still serving and give value much more than the money we spent on it.

    We may find that some of the costlier items do not serve us for value of money spent.
    One particular item I can mention is a USB WiFi adaptor. To be precise it is Leoxsys 150 Mbps Nano WiFi USB Wireless Adaptor.

    When I bought a Wireless router to have net in our different mobile phones, my desktop had to be connected through cable only. It was then that I went for the WiFi adaptor. Thus my PC also could be brought in the WiFi reception from the router. I was ecstatic, because that was new knowledge to me and I felt that I could become a bit update also.

    The WiFi adaptor cost a few hundred rupees only and it is also small in size. I am using it satisfactorily for last two and half years. Even though its current price is lesser than what I paid then, I find it worth more value than the money I paid for it.

    What about your own experience in similar items?
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    Yes we feel elated that when we spend small amount on some thing and that gives greater satisfaction and the usage is awesome. When everybody is spending huge amount for INTERNET connection through cable or service providers, I am spending a meager amount of 400 per month and my entire family uses the net through their phones. Moreover when my system got hanged up and I had to take the computer box for repair, my wifi connection was in tact and my family members were enjoying the net without break. That gave me satisfaction that because of my repair to the computer, their pleasure of surfing and chatting was not disturbed.
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    There was a time when certain items available in the market were so sturdy and robust that they will give service for a very long time. Now a days the trend is use and throw and many things available in market are intentionally made of average quality assuming that they are to be thrown after a few usage.

    Still many items today available in market are of very good quality although their cost is also on higher side.

    I have got some old items which have given very good service. One of the item worth mentioning is a small low current car battery charger which I purchased in a very reasonable amount about 26 years back (quite a long time!) and it is still working though I don't find its use now after the introduction of sealed and maintainable free batteries.

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    It is true that we feel very happy when we purchase an item at a very small price and it gives lots of service. Some times we pay more and purchase branded items. But they serve a very little time. We feel we lost.
    Generally we all use Bata footwear as the name is very well known and a brand worth buying. But the chappals purchased there can be used maximum a year without any problem. But I got a pair of chappals made by a known local cobbler. The price is almost 35% of Bata cost. Very elegant and almost I used that pair for more than 3 years without any problem. Very much delighted.

    Similarly many of us go for Jockey underwear. The cost of these products are very high. I have purchased 3 banians at a total cost of Rs.100/- . Each banian costed me around Rs.35/- only. The duration of its fitness is a little more than jockey. Really I felt very happy. I informed my sons. They also purchased the same material. Going on well.

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    Oh yes, I bought an earthen pot when I joined my husband in Kochi, for a short duration. It is a black coloured pot, probably made from some kind of black soil. It is not painted, and even the rough interior of the pot is black. The pot perhaps must have developed a crack, I am not sure, but there is a distinct red lac line running down one side. I think the Potter tried to piece together the pot.

    I paid just Rs.5 for it because it looked quite unique. It is quite an ordinary pot, but many people have asked me if it is an antique. A British officer from the Royal Air Force had wanted to buy it from us.

    I bought it in January of 1991. Imagine, possessing a mud pot for this long. We have been transferred so many times. I always packed it well, wrapped it in bed sheets, before securing it between the legs of a coffee table, and packing the same in a box.

    I always used it as a décor piece, in the entrance of the hallway or in the balcony, in every house we stayed. I have it outside my main door now, and yes, it still gets a lot of questions.

    And then I have my comb, which has been with me since the day after my wedding. That's over 31 years.

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