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    Depiction of Romance in Indian Cinema

    What do you think about the depiction of romance in Indian cinema? Most movies depict it in the same manner - boy proposes to the girl, girl refuses, boy stalks her, teases her, sometimes even harasses her and blackmails her, and then the girl gives in. Of course, there are exceptions and there are many women-centric films where heroines don't play second fiddle to heroes, but again, those are exceptions. Bollywood or vernacular - most films have similar depiction of romance. Such behaviour is criminal and punishable under the law, but why do our filmmakers portray it as romance? Don't you think many of our films sanctify eve-teasing, cat calling, and women harassment in the name of romance, making us believe that it's normal, or almost normal, and women must tolerate this abuse in the name of love?
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    Nice topic raised by the author. Over the years, the films makers are taking the refuge under the guise that due to public demand they are forced to make films on love, dejection, separation and in that regard they have to show the women in bad way and again to counter the wrong they also give unusual power to the same women. In South there are many films where is women are subjected to bonded labor for the debts being taken by the male either for farm use or personal use. Such films are really pathetic to watch as the harassment meted out to the woman is shown in so much details. In one of the film the woman has three children and the poverty is so challenging, she has to opt for prostitution but again she realizes the mistake done and on the same night she gives the poison to her three children and she also dies. Such kind of films are really moving and showcase the real happenings in the society those days.
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    It is a very bad practice in Indian cinema to show women in a bad way. They try to encourage exposing to attract young people to movies. Earlier days to attract viewers, the film makers used to play one vamp character to do dance by exposing her body. But nowadays , there is no need to have a vamp character separately. The heroine herself is performing all those acts.
    Similarly the eve-teasing, cat calling and women harassment is shown in almost all love oriented movies. This is becoming an encouragement to the youth as if it is their birth right and unnecessarily making women to suffer. This attitude should get changed. Movie makers also should think and make positive movies which will have good impact on society.

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    A very relevant thread raised by author, as such depiction of romance and persuading of a girl by the protogonist boy have huge impact on psyche of the public watching, especially the adolscent and teenage kids who blindly follow these characters from movies which many times leads to their rebelious and criminal behaviour.
    Various organisations in movie buisness should check the impact of such movies on common public and try to stop such movies and dramas from the reach of audience who easily get carried away with such movies And dramas.

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    A good thread from a new member.
    In fact this is discussed often. If every one is against it why it continues?
    That is where I take your question in the thread"....but why do our filmmakers portray it .." as the core point to place my views.

    Film makers want profit. Profit will come only if the film is seen by more and more people. If people do not like such scenes why they encourage by going to such movies? Why the women's and students organisations not coming out and convince people not to see such movies? If people reject such movies will never come.
    When such movies continue to be produced and run well it means people like such things. Women themselves encourage such films and serials by being loyal audience.

    Unfortunately nowadays when sane voices say against such things of degradation happening in society and try to prevent it, the organisations of women and girls and 'progressive' students agitate saying that is moral policing, and they have freedom to do what they want.

    If every one interpret freedom in their own may, what can be said? Anything sells in this commercial world.

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    I don't think that people like such things. It's just that they watch whatever is available. Movies like Dangal, Pink, Chak De, etc were really great and did great business without any skin show. But again, depiction of women harassment as something very normal in the movies is highly problematic. As Neelam Joshi said above, as a child grows up watching his macho role model indulging in such behaviour in the name of romance, he too tries to imitate him, for if the hero of the film does it, it must be normal and a way of life.

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