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    Six sweet years with Indiastudychannel(ISC)

    We celebrate many 'Day's in our life periodically. Most of them are annual in periodicity- Birth Day, Wedding Day, and many more. For ISCians there is one more to add ISC Joining Day.

    Today is my ISC Joining Day. It was on 19th June 2011 that I joined ISC as a member. I consider it as a very worthy event in my life. It might be just coincidence that the day was 'Fathers Day' in 2011.While celebrating the important milestones, it is natural to review about the period lapsed. I too am not an exception.

    On the joining day my contributions I had three posts one each in Forum response#208984 ; Ask Expert answer and Resources response.

    I was given Rs2/- as cash credit to my AE answer. Totally I could get 11 points on the first day. Even though it was the last date for a running GD, I posted my first forum response to that GD

    It may be coincidence that my first resource response was on the article by Vandana, present Managing Editor. I commented there "I have just joined today.Hence I felt it is necessary to read a basic article like this,giving fundamental guidelines for writing resources.It is better to know about the custom,system and tradition of a forum/site before submitting articles , to be in line with the system."
    Even today my most posts are in these three sections/ sub sections.

    My cash earnings from ISC thus started from the two rupees I got right on the first day. My expectation and aim in joining ISC was not earning money. Just as joining was unintended happening, I accept whatever is given to me as cash credit happily and treat it as bonus. My present status as ISC member is known to you and data available in the ISC pages or profile.

    Overall I am contended with my life till date and pray God that let it continue as smooth, comfortable, contended and peaceful as it is now.

    I take this occasion to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the ISC establishment and WMs, the editorial team, each and every ISC member and reader. I remember with thanks those who are not active in ISC now, but gave me support and camaraderie in ISC. Every one of you are my well wishers and I pray for the well being of all of you.
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    Congratulations Mr.Venkiteswaran for completing 6 years of association with this educative site. You made it more worthy with your contributions. Your posting are very helpful for many of us. I feel happy that you are entering into your seventh year. We like to see many more articles from your pen. Congratulations again
    always confident

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    We have been honoured by your presence these last six years with quality contributions as well as thought-provoking pearls of wisdom in your forum posts. Looking forward to celebrating many more such sweet years with you. Best wishes in all that you do.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Congratulations Venkiteswaran for completing 6 years with us. And a BIG THANK YOU from all of us in the ISC admin team for all the great work you have done for ISC in the past 6 years of your association with us. Sticking to a website for 6 years is not a small thing. We feel proud to say we have some good members with us who stay with us really long periods of time, not just as passive members, but as active contributors.

    Thank you once again for being part of ISC family.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Hearty congratulations to you sir. Really it is glad to know that you are associated with this site for the last six years with your active contribution and members like you are inspiration to many by virtue of your wisdom and balanced approach to issues. I still remember how you supported and encouraged me during my initial days in ISC when I was little hesitant to open up in discussions etc. Thus many members like me are benefited from you with your valuable advice and you are a true Guide too.

    You are also concerned about active members when they suddenly disappear and I recall your message showing concern about my long spell of absence for more than three months last year. Thus your contribution in motivating members to stay hooked to this site is also worth note of. Thank you sir once again for your devotion and dedication to this site and looking forward for your guidance and association with us in future too. Wishing you all the best.


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    Wow completing six years amid us is the great work and not every one joined here has achieved this success. Right from the day one you have been non controversial and sharing the best things for the benefit of net users. Your ask experts answers were awesome and I always like it. In forum too your responses were guarded and wont incite any kind of dual with others. My appreciation to you for maintaining decency and decorum all these six years and that is the reason being so even our Webmaster Tony was kind enough to acknowledge your contributions. I wish your presence shall continue with same zeal.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Dr Rao, Vandana, Jagdish Patro and Mohan for your kind words. I feel honoured by the special gesture of Web Master , our dear Tony John to have spared time to visit this thread and express 'Big Thank You' from ISC.

    It is interesting that when I saw today the total cash credit I received from ISC, I find that on an average it works out to be five hundred rupees per month approximately. The site still continues to deliver what it proposed when started. That is called consistency. Such consistence benefits all. Let us contribute consistently for that.

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    Dear Venki,
    Very pleased to note that you have completed six years at ISC. Indeed, you are a gem among the ISC members. I really admire your writings. May God bless you to be with us at ISC for many long years. All the best , dear. Let us continue our smooth sailing in the ISC sea.

    No life without Sun

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    Hearty congratulations sir on your completing six years of active association with ISC! You have always stood out with your mature attitude and logical approach and have always maintained the dignity and quality in the contents you post as a senior member. You had always been helpful in nature and had inspired many like me when we joined this site. Sir, you have exhibited patience and commitment that has earned you respect and credibility among members. Hope you continue your association with this site for a long time with the same smile and sweetness! All the best!
    'Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance'- Will Durant.

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