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(This thread is the winner of the TOW contest for the week 18th June - 24th June'17)
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    The Lost Voice of today's communications

    This is an appeal to people not to lose touch with verbal communication. It is so very easy to send a quick "Hi" or a good morning message on WhatsApp. It has made one stop picking up the phone to call a friend. It is all very well to send a written message plastered with cute emojis. But where is the real warmth in it?

    That warmth is in the voice alone. When you say a cheerful "Hi! How are you" on the phone, it conveys a wonderful feeling to the recipient. It starts off the conversation, with a lot of interesting happenings and experiences being exchanged, a few giggles & laughs to convey enjoyment. When there is something sad, it gets conveyed in the voice too and you share a tear with a friend who lost a loved one. The smile or the lump in the throat - it somehow reverberates down the telecom wires and you do feel it.

    Agreed, you may not be able to call up somebody long distance regularly and hence WhatsApp is a boon. But how about people in your own city? A friend, a lonely aunt, even parents who don't stay with you. Make them feel happy just to hear your voice. Call up, say, your mother, and say "I love you. Just want to chat."

    Next time when you laugh out loud on reading a joke on WhatsApp, instead of sending LOL to acknowledge your enjoyment, why not call up the person and share the true enjoyment of it?

    Next time when your friend feels low and sends a drooping smiley, instead of countering it with a "Cheer up" message & a smiling emoji, do call up and chat.

    Let your voice speak up your emotions, not emojis.
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    Yes! I agree with your point Ms. Vandana. When compared to a simple text with emojis, the words which come from the voice box with mixed emotions always hold a different feeling. A few days back, some of my friends and family members had sent their wishes for my birthday as lovely text messages with lot of cute and funny emojis. I was happy to read those messages. At the same time, very few of my close friends had called me and they conveyed their birthday wishes to me over phone. My happiness doubled when I heard the voice of my friends. I had a good and memorable chat with my friends discussing about various nostalgic moments via phone. At the end of the day, the voice of my friends gave me unlimited happiness when compared to the text messages of my friends. Voice and words always has a high magical power to connect to other person's heart easily but that is not the case with the text messages and emojis because emojis and stickers never has the power to deliver the exact feelings and emotions of a person in a perfect way like the voice and the words of a person.

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    It is correct Ms. Vandana. Nowadays voice calls are very much reduced. Like an official information even invitations are also coming in mails. Whatsapp is changed the entire communication system completely. Make a group and send a message . Every one of the group will receive the same.

    In olden days, when brothers or sisters meeting in their native places after a gap of 3 or 4 months, they used to spend talking with each other about the happenings during that period. But these days all the informations are going virtually through communication channels. So much new information is not there to exchange.

    The happiness in hearing the voice each other is a very happy experience. But these days people have not finding much time to talk and messages are being sent. But no personal contacts.

    Everybody should make a point to talk to other people with the reachable distance at least once in a week so that contacts will improve.

    always confident

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    Hi all,

    I do agree with Vandana mam, but there are a few things that we should note here. Over the years, the culture of us Indians has changed a lot. It was not long ago that the only use of internet Indians has was for checking E-Mails. Now-a-days, even voice calling is done over the internet. Thus we are seeing a huge cultural shift among the people of our nation.

    Rather than recharging separately for voice calls and internet, now the recharge is done only for internet alone. While network carries such as Reliance Jio offering such amazing deals, the people of the country is seeing no importance in recharging separately for voice and internet.

    Other than this, WhatsApp does offer voice calls, people just doesn't prefer it. Maybe we are shifting into a culture where chatting holds more importance than voice calling. It all depends on the mentality of the person.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    A valid thread from Vandana.

    I realised how sacred and significant direct communication is, from one incident that happened during my career. One grand old gentleman used to visit the bank almost every day either to deposit some small amount of money or withdraw some small amount or just to get the passbook updated.

    Seeing his advanced age and the natural fatigue he was feeling, I told him one day why he takes so much pain to come to bank so frequently. He could send some other person for the work. I also gave a sincere detailed explanation of all the facilities available to the account holder so that he can minimise the visits to the bank.

    To my surprise, smilingly he said that he was aware about all those, but he deliberately visited bank just to have some one- to- one talk with other human beings. He confided that after his son and daughter-in-law left for their office he was alone in the house with the TV and phone; and he could not bear that loneliness. So he was coming to the bank inventing some reason so that he could spend sometime with people.

    That changed my attitude and from then I took special care to have more direct
    face-to-face voice communication with people especially elders.

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    My feelings are also with the author. With the advent of texting, we are subjecting ourselves to writing process and forgetting the verbal or voice communications which actually soothes us in great way. On my daughters good performance in EAMCET , when others were restricting themselves to the felicitation messages on social media, one of my friend choose to talk to me and my daughter and conveyed his and his family happiness over the achievement and we felt very elated. Yes when there is a possibility of saying the voice massage even in social media, we tend to use the writing part. Now I shall also resort to voice messages.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An apt, relevant and a wonderful drafted thread, @Vandana.
    It is so true in this world of smartphones, social media and online networking.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

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    With reference to what Sidharth mentioned in response #601099 -
    Me, still the old-fashioned type. I still prefer using my landline phone to call people. I have never used the calling facility of the Net or of WhatsApp. In fact, it has been a very rare occasion when I used my mobile to call somebody. The nuisance of inaudible voices or dropped calls does not arise with the good old landline instrument!

    Related to this topic is the fact that verbal conversations too have been affected by technology. My neighbour once lamented how her sons come home from college and instead of sharing their day's experiences, they are both totally absorbed with their phones, either plugged in to some music or chatting on WhatsApp or watching a YouTube video. She gets one word responses of "Yes", "No" or just "Hmmm" when she asks anything. Then there are friends who meet and, instead of conversing in the true sense of conversation, they will be asking each other whether they got so and so WhatsApp message or photo or are obsessed about taking selfies. The simple exchange of words that constitute a detailed conversation too seems to have sadly died out.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I like the last phrase about emotions and emojis. I am actually inclined to agree with that.

    However, I have no one to call so I just stick around with WhatsApp since I have a IMC and YouTube group to catch updates.

    I rarely make one or two calls a year. The rest of my time are wasted in Google+, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Skype. If one has good friends, aunt, relatives, dear and near ones, then they should call up instead of sending emails or chats.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    A good observation truly depicting the plight of people today who have forgotten the personal face to face talks. A robotic good morning and a mechanical like have become the order of the day and if you ask a person how many posts he has forwarded or liked today, he may not tell even the approximate numbers of such uncoordinated actions.

    The technology has worked miracles in the progress of gadgets but human touch has downslidded day by day.

    We must get out of this illusion better as sooner as possible otherwise human race will evolve in a dangerous direction of complete machine communication.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well said. The texting habit has slowly replaced the voice culture and people are so busy to lift a call and respond with a message - 'will call you later'. That 'later' never changes into 'present'. This is the trend going on now. Hope this message would reach everyone that they would talk to their parents, sisters and brothers and well wishers at least very often to inquire 'How are you?'

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    It is easy to blame new generation.
    Can a parent show the child an alternative?
    We have to look into society, education and parenting.
    People are becoming less and less social so the ability to express ones emotions and read others emotions are coming down.
    Cellphone companies have to sell more and more and more and more cellphones….

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    The problem is not with generation. It is applicable to all. The cell phone culture has deeply penetrated into our lives such that we won't give preference to our personal calls in the pretext of our busy schedules. Whats App and other Social networking tools have changed our life style and the essence of the thread is applicable to everyone these days.


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    Gentleman Patro,
    Crux of the issue is invasion of technology on humanity.
    Our society is finding difficulty in dealing with this invasion.
    In the recently held Mobile World Congress – the phone industry's largest trade fair at Barcelona, South Korea's LG and Finland's Nokia, both announced they would use Googles voice assistant- which uses artificial Intelligence (AI) to answer user's questions in their newest handsets.
    Smartphones equipped with AI called Super-phones are going to be reality soon.
    These machines can decode a person daily pattern of behavior. It can generate insights about users past and present actions and predict what you will do next.
    What impact these machines will make on our society remains to be seen.
    That is why I am saying look into the society, education, parenting, and make them well equipped to accept these technologies.

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    I should say that one should not just be able to keep up with technology, but learn and teach others how not to let it intrude into one's life far too much. We should encourage each other to have regular verbal communication. When we meet up with friends, for example, tell everyone to switch off their gadgets. See how good it feels to have a real conversation without the intrusion of devices, with nobody creating pauses to check the 'ping' of an incoming WhatsApp message or taking an incoming call.

    Prior to WhatsApp, there was the time when, if not being able to call, we used email to communicate. There is a problem with emails today though - you never know whether the other person has read it or not. It is frustrating to send an email and not get any reaction or response whatsoever! Only when it is something related to work that you would get a reply.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I have said earlier too that technological developments have made the world smaller but have widened the distance in relationships. I don't think Whatsapp, Skype, voice-chat or whatever it may be, can replace the warmth of a passionate hug or a word of comfort or even a handshake or a pat on the back.

    Would one have the same feeling when you are talking to a person directly and when you are in contact through messages? I don't think. Virtual world, according to me, is always susceptible to fakery and the actual emotions are unlikely to be conveyed with the same intensity. We must get back to talking to each other to maintain the sanctity of relationships lest we become too mechanical.

    I am glad that most of the members who have posted their responses herein are aware and do support the view that we must start talking to each other more often. Husband texting to wife asking her the menu for dinner and she sending back a message might be easier but imagine how nice it would be if they could find some time in the morning to discuss what they could have for dinner? Being together should not be reduced to mere existence under the same roof, it should involve exchange of views, news and emotions.

    The example given by Vandana ma'am about the mother in the neighborhood and the elderly man in Venkiteswaran sir's response are actually reflections of our present day life and we need to wake up before it is too late.

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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