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    Will RamNath Kovind be the unanimous or consensus candidate for Presidential poll ?

    The NDA has announced their candidate for the President's election. Till yesterday many names were floating in the media and public mind. It may be thus a surprise for the general public and many political observers in seeing Ram Nath Kovind's name announced without anybody getting even a small whiff of that.

    In my response to this thread I had said that "There can be a ploy to keep the real probable name secret and allow all other names float around.". That has happened.

    I was actually expecting such a name to crop up. The spark I go was from the way Nitish was commenting and giving signals on presidential poll. He was keeping a calculated distance from other opposition parties at the same not breaking altogether. When I combined this with the news of Rahul Gandhi leaving for a trip abroad at this crucial juncture, I could guess something happening or already happened behind the scenes. There were some other things happening which could have effect in Bihar and also TN politics- the two states NDA wants in its side.

    The NDA side has played their cards well and sure t have done some god background work.
    So I feel that Ram Nath Kovind will be the unanimous choice or consensus candidate of all parties.
    If so that is really welcome.
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    The initial responses reveal that the opposition parties are confused about the unexpected announcement of name of Ram Nath Kovind. But those parties have not been directly opposing so far because Mr. Kovind belongs to 'Dalit' community.
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    While the Nation is excited by the choice of Ram Nath Kovind as the next probably candidate for the post of President, the opposition seems to be not happy and they want to field further more superior candidate than the NDA proposed one. The Congress party is meeting all the opposition on 22nd June and arrive at a consensus candidate. Nevertheless the electoral college of NDA is strong and it is gaining further support from non NDA partners like TRS and other parties. So opposition would beat the dust and they fail. By the way the strategy of the panel which picked Kovind name has to be appreciated. By naming him they almost silenced the opposition in three ways. That there is no other formidable candidate better than Kovind, the elections in Bihar is round the corner and this will pave way for BJP to power and the unity of opposition is going to split with this decision.
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    A very good decision by NDA. Now the opposition parties are in a fix. They are not able to go either of the ways. Probably they will search a for Dalit Candidate who will get support from all non NDA parties. However Mr. Modi already talked to KCR of Telangana and taken his assurance. Mr. Modi requested Mr. Chandrababu to speak to Ms. Mamata. She requested Mr. Babu to give time for two days.
    The selection of the candidate by BJP is very shrewd and they have done lot of work in deciding the candidate. As per the newspapers of today NDA candidate will get up to 60% votes which will get him a victory.
    Chances of opposition parties nominating a candidate are very high. They will not make it unanimous.

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    I believe Ram nath Kovind will definately get a unanimous consensus in the presidential election.
    Firstly he is a person with clean background with clear track record and good political image and secondly he belongs to dalit community.
    So it will be diffucult to disagree for a candidate with good qualificatons and perfect candidature. They will either have to comeup with a name and person of calibre like Dr Apj Abdul kalam who was popular and loved throughout India or they have to simply support Mr. Ramnath kovind.

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    India is a land of Lord Sri Ram. It is also the land of Bharath the brother of Lord Sri Ram The presidential candidate's name suits well. I don't think about his caste or community. He is an Indian eligible to be President. BJP is right in selecting such a personality to the highest post. However, no one expected such a surprise in the politics. Opposition parties should support this candidate to get elected unopposed.
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    On reading more and more about the NDA candidate for Presidential poll, I feel that the choice is not bad. The one point that he is free from controversy, unassuming and free from corruption is a welcome point. The media also hunts for and goes behind sensational news and leave behind those who are low profile .

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    Modi has done it again! He and his trusted lieutenants cleverly kept people, including their party men, guessing and thus were able to divert their attention from the possible candidate till such a limit when they were left with little time to decide otherwise or to manipulate. The trump card he played is no doubt in selecting a Dalit leader for the post whereby he made sure that the opposition were placed in a tricky position which gave them very little space to maneuver. Further more, the BJP has elected to play the political game again by doing so with a view to calm down the Dalit uprisings in various parts of the country; I don't think we ever had a political approach while selecting a candidate for the highest post in the Country. It is dangerous for a democracy to have the entire power revolving around a few!

    There is no doubt that Sri Ram Nath Kovind is a good choice given his educational and political background and also his clean and straightforward image and he is indeed worthy of the post but the way his candidature was decided and announced will (and must) invite lot of criticism and discussion.

    When all the points are taken into consideration, the likelihood of Sri Kovind being a consensus candidate cannot be ruled out at this juncture.

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    Only 15 days ago, we used to read that opposition parties would put up a consensus candiate in the Presidential election. But now due to a masterstroke from Mr. Modi and ("former stock-broker") Mr. Shah, the opposition parties are in utter confusion. They can't forcefully oppose the candidature of Mr. Kovind who has a clean image. Already Mr. Navin Patnaik, the leader of BJD, has expressed his support for the BJP Presidential candidate. Moreover Mr. Kovind is from RSS background, of so-called right caste and with adequate administrative experience and high education level.
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