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    About a great feeling today

    Hai friends,
    Feeling upset today because India has lost in match with pakisthan. I have thought that India wins the match but it is out of my thought.
    In my don't bother about future because we can't estimate or forecast what will happen, we just do hope for something better.
    and don't think about past because it is past which is already over and never changeable.
    so think about present i.e, today because it is the day that we have to do and make it as a great past and to make our great future. Because past and future are related to the present.
    so never bother about past and future, Do today what you want to be tomorrow and correct yourself what you had done in the yesterday.

    "Life is a war in which Sadness is your Enemy and Happiness is your Friend so defeat sadness and made happiness as your friend which makes your kingdom happy and beautiful."
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    Yes by defeating at the hands of Pakistan our boys must have learned many things in this one day. Lots of expectations were there and all gone in vain. Prayers, best wishes and above all every one wasted their time and watched the performance of the players and they simply gifted the game to the Pakistan. Never mind this should be great lesson for the players and board too. They have now seen the formidable strength of Pakistan team and hence forth when ever any match going to be played by chance , we must have at least two best players above them who can be relied upon. Yes life is the war but that should not be one sided. One must strive to win. if the instinct was lacking then what is the charm in this life. For that matter once upon a time Pakistan was with India and so if they win , we also won. With that solace we must console one another.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yesterday lot of expectations were there about winning the game. I understand this was a big game and everybody is wishing that their country to win. People of Pakistan were very happy. After a long time their country won over our country. After winning the toss, electing to field was a major mistake by Captain. Playing Ashwin in the final eleven was another blunder. Yesterday all our batsmen except Mr.Pandey were in a hurry to come back to India. Anyhow it is a lesson for our team and board.
    always confident

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