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    Why general category candidate not have the right to reserve seats in general competion as compared

    Everyone wants to know that why govt give the reservation quota to only SC and ST candidate.
    We also labour hard as them and we also suffer from the scarcity of job. then why only SC and ST
    why the general candidate not .
    Today the SC and ST candidate grow fast as compared to us ,and except reservation quota they take admission or they get job in our seat also . why we are in not a reservation category.
    whats wrong with the government and whole society who see this and just say it's ok
    please share this as much as you can till the government change their decision or decrease the reservation category for those candidate who strong financially either the SC or ST.
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    In fact after seeing the results declared by the AIIMS my daughter also posed me the same question, We are living in the society dominated by reservation seeking sects and as long they are in majority, we the general group candidates has to pave way for them in seats and later jobs. While filling application itself the organizers are already deciding on the outcome of the result and thus entrance or competition exams have become farce. When the government wants to help them, let them transfer some money in to the accounts of reserved categories candidates and when it comes to performance only the merit should be given preference.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a fact that reservation policy on caste basis in India is a big culprit for the present state of the country. India produced great persons. But they were recognised as great persons when they shifted themselves to other countries. You know about Nadella Satya , Sunder Pichai and many more who have done wonders for their Organisations.

    Another point to note is really the needy getting benefitted by this policy. My answer is No.
    Many SC/ST candidates in villages even don't know the benefits that are being given to them. A tricycle puller's son is leading life by pulling tricycle only. Then who are at advantage. A government officer's son, A collector's daughter, a politician's grandson and a businessman's grand daughter. What I want to present is only a limited set of people from SC/ST only are getting these privileges.
    But unfortunately none can change this as long as this vote politics are existing in the country. No mouse will bell the cat. The suffering will continue.

    always confident

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    Give reservation to them who really need
    Not for bank manager's son
    IAS officer's son or daughter
    For those who are not financially strong .

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