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    Is it possible to control desires and temptations?

    We know that people are driven by desires and temptations. We have many desires and we are easily tempted to new and attractive things.

    Throughout our life we struggle to achieve our dreams and desires only to find that their are many many more unfulfilled ones.

    Can we control our desires or can we restrict them to some extent so that we can have a calm and peaceful life.

    What is the opinion of our members on this?
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    Yes it is possible to control desires and temptations provided you have fixed mind and not wavering mind. Take example of Rishis and Monks who have undertaken penance in the past in jungle without any expectation or worries. They would settle under the tree and busy with penance unmindful of what is happening around. So by doing so they are forgoing their desires and temptations. Only ordinary people are tempted to desires and temptations, and those who are having focus in life wont budge to such demands. That is why they are one step ahead of others and we reach them to discuss.
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    If there is a will, there is a way.

    Desires can be controlled with conscious effort. After all who put desire in us? We are only responsible to it.
    Once the desires are put into our mind and fixed, it functions like the old type soda bottles with the marble inside. Even the person who put it inside cannot take it out easily. To send the pressurising gas that pushes the marble one has to press with great knack.

    Controlling our desires are also like that. We may not be able to take out the marble(desires), but we can send them out in controlled measure if we practise properly.

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    Controlling desires is a very difficult issue. Only people who are satisfied with whatever they have and feel happy can only control their desires. This is known as contentment.
    It is human nature to have desires. When we are travelling by a Maruti 800 car, by seeing swift dzire, we feel like having it. Once you are able to have that your eye will go to next high end version. One should try and avoid desires. Self is responsible for getting the desires. So self control is the key to stop these desires.
    We should have always good thoughts, good deeds and be happy. Look at the person we is suffering more than you and feel happy. Don't look at a person whom you think is happier than you. As you practice this slowly your desires will come down. Be happy with whatever you have and thank God for whatever you were given and don't ask him any further .

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    Having desires and temptations is becoming a common one as in the book of economics, Adam Smith and Alfred Marshall told wants are unlimited. This denotes the wants are there since many decades. Now the thing is we have to control our requirements, desires, temptations to many extent as they are the things pave the way to ruin in us. Lord Budhdha told desires are basic reason for ruin. We if plan ourselves to have the required items and try to have the same without any enhancement is good and we will be in the self-satisfactory level and thereby lead a good peaceful life. In one cinema, Tamil move, 'varavu ettana selavu paththana, cast by Naasar, the hero who leads a poor life. His wife and children suffers as anything for want of food etc., On his wife's repeated intentions he extend his hand to his friend for loan but his friend advised him to do a work favorably to a needy customer.He refused to accept bribe or to work for bribe but by utilizing his requirement, the office person made him caught. He lost his job totally because of his wife's repeated desires, without controlling his mind. Such cinemas are lessons to us to control our desires.

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    Yesterday, I went to hotel with my brother and sister in law. There I heard from the waiter that the day special was mushroom masala dosa. Without controlling my temptation and by forgetting my inability to digest in nights if I take masala items, I placed order and I took with much interest. But in the night I suffered a lot with indigestion problem and spent sleepless night. Then I realized that this type only many of us becoming slaves of temptations and desires. The hotel is alright, the tiffin is alright but without considering my health problem the intake of Masala item is my problem and the temptation in myself should be controlled.

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    Desires and Temptation should be controlled before something goes wrong. It's not a good practise to rush over our desire at any cost.

    There are some people who always can't consider failure. There are people who always tries to push their desires forward until they achieve it no matter what happens or how they might get through.

    Humans wants are unlimited, infinite, unsatisfied and never ending. It is always a good decision to running hard on the right track.

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    Theoretically everything is possible. But I would't advise doing so. Restricting emotions can get you depressed. Liking or desiring attractive things isn't a sin. You just are being natural that way. It is our emotions and desires after all that drive us to the success. What you can do is, give them a direction.
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