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    Is the property document- Aadhaar link news a really fake one or a smoke indicating a distant fire

    Today by noon I saw news in central government directs states to complete works linking property documents to Aadhaar number. All the work relating to documents from 1950 have to be completed by August 2017.

    I felt something odd because it is not at all practical to complete the linking work of such a colossal size within such a short time. Coincidentally two days ago t one of my friends asked me if I had linked my Aadhaar card to my house documents. I said no and said I had not seen any such announcement nor had received any intimation from authorities.
    So I took, I took the news as genuine. But consoled myself that there will be political and lobby pressures and there will be some court cases and stay.

    Immediately within a couple of hours the denial comes that central government denies any such letter sent by them and it is only fake news. My goodness! Never did I think it was fake news, because such talks were floating even in the last two years and very particularly after the demonetisation.
    My wild analysis tells that probably;
    1. It may be fake news as of now, but something similar is sure to come; the talk was there for last two years and strongly after currency withdrawal. This leak may be to help and signal concerned targets to do the needful.
    2.As of now the same may be not a correct news. But it can be in due course. Hence it may be a designed or default strategic leak arrangement by someone to gauge public mood.
    3.It may be some signal to some targets internal and external, to mend their ways.

    In short I feel that though this may be fake news now, I take it as 'tomorrow's news today"
    How do you react?
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    Yes such news is making rounds in social media. Incidentally I have received a message from my bank to immediately link the Aadhaar number with my account to avail schemes from the government and my daughter also received the message from telephone service provider to link the Aadhaar with the transaction in future. So all these happenings are suggesting that henceforth nothing can be done without Aadhaar and that has to be mentioned and the card must be carried with us always. Therefore I feel that it is not fake news as the government want no one should escape from the eyes of law.
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    'A smoke indicating fire' - The guess of an ISC Expert would never go wrong as it proved many times. It appears a Cabinet note seeking the opinion got leaked and now being termed as a fake news within a span of two days. We have experienced the tactics of implementation of certain policy matters during demonetization and this proposal also would take its shape in coming moths.

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    May the pilot is coming before the actual information. Smoke before fire. True.
    Slowly the central Government is giving lot of importance to Aadhaar card. Everywhere all government bodies are asking for Aadhaar and PAN. There is no replacement for Aadhar.
    But linking Aadhaar to all property documents is not a simple work. It should be done carefully and lot of time it will take. We all should wait for the announcement and get ready for the action at the earliest.

    always confident

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    Frankly speaking, I simply don't know whether the Union Government has directed the State Governments to link property documents with AADHAR, or not. I also don't know whether all State Governments would follow such orders (if any), or not. I don't know whether it is a rumour or draft Cabinet Note (as stated by Mr. Patro) or anything else.

    However, I would like to ask the senior and knowledgeable Members a very basic question. What is the harm if the property documents are linked with AADHAR? How will it harm us? Let me give my own example. I have somehow managed to purchase a flat in New Delhi. For this purpose, I had to utilise almost all of my own and my wife's savings (in December, 2002) and had to take a huge loan for 10 years. The transaction is/was completely overboard and I intimated the Government (my employer) during every step at the time of purchasing the flat. I also fill up the annual return every year. Now, if the property papers are linked with AADHAR, how and why would it be disadvantageous to me? Kindly clear my doubt.

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