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    Indian bowler should learn basics first before playing in International level

    Its easy to post-mortem anything including a cricket game. It looks everything easy to comment after the result comes out. Here, I am not criticizing Indian cricketer for their final game loosing to Pakistan but will try to put some important factor about bowling. It is really shame to see Indian bowler bowling wide and no ball in regular interval. Apart from Bhuvaneshar Kumar no onw bowled with discipline line.

    The question is what the Coach and Captain do during practising the Indian bowler? Hitting the right area and bowling lethal bouncer all go in vain if they don't put their foot on correct area on pitch. This is a school level lesson not to cross the crease line while bowling and I am talking about international players in Indian team? In ODI one NO ball means everyone know, one extra bowl and one free hit which can cost dearly.

    Apart from wonderful batting by Pakistani the final extras were 25 runs in the board including 13 wide and 3 no balls (all no ball is done by Jasprit). Just imagine if that bowl was not a NO ball when Jasprit took first wicket? Again, this is "if" and "but" after the game but one can not deny the indiscipline bowling which took the game away from India.
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    Well we are all experts to analyze the loss of the game and that is going to happen often because we cannot digest the loss as every one thought given the past record, India must beat Pakistan convincingly. But the way every Indian boys performed reminded me of a Ranji Trophy match. That means they have played so casually as if the the match was fixed. No hard work, no stopping of balls, liberal fours and six and above all our batting line of first six boys were worst in the final like this. How come all get out in just 76 runs and that rose the BP for many Indian fans including me. Totally frustrating.
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    Now all sorts of analysis would come from all experts. I wonder why didn't such analysis emerge during the group stage when India defeated Pakistan. In fact, yesterday was a rare day when nothing worked in favour of the Indian cricket team. It started with the wrong reading of the pitch by the Captain, Virat Kohli and the unfortunate no-ball of Bumrah which deprived him of a valuable wicket.
    Let us forget the painful defeat and wait for the next glorious victory.

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    Yes. It is really frustrating. The way Ashwin bowled, I fail to understand how Captain allowed him to complete the 10 overs. Anyhow he was giving many runs. So what is wrong in trying a part time bowler. Except Bhuvaneswar no bowler bowled well. Only Mr. Pandey shown much guts in batting. The way he scored shows that nothing so great in bowling. But our batsmen were given away their wickets, The way they have batted is pathetic. Extra runs, loose bowling, bad fielding, bad decisions by the Captain and reckless batting proved costly to India. Is there any internal politics in this. Captain is asking for a replacement to Coach.
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    Mr. Partha Kansabanik, I think you have not read my post properly. Please read it first and then make such first two line comment. My intention is clear in my first line of my post. I am not analysing or criticising. I am not talking about the defeat at all, it happens in cricket one team has to lose. Also this is not the first time India had got humiliation defeat, the lowest record is much more hurting.

    Here I am talking about the basics of bowling which was below par the basics lesson is missing in such international level player.

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    Discussions in an open forum should be taken in right spirit and you can't thrust your opinion on others. Mr. Partha Kansabanik has the right to air his opinion in an open discussion. Failure of the bowling department is not the lone contributor for the match but many other factors did play for it.

    Further, it may be noted that similar thread is already under discussion since before the beginning of the match and you can post your views there. The thread is locked now.


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