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    ISC should not reject forum thread just like that. Let there be a panel to decide about the post.

    I am bringing it to the notice of Webmaster Tony that of late many good threads in this forum section are being rejected, deleted citing same kind of thread or the content being of low quality. But normally threads of general importance are raised here and every member would love to respond for such threads. But on line editors are hurrying up and clearing the thread from the view of regulars and that authors are facing the axe of rejection and dejection. And due to continued rejections we get de-motivated. Or otherwise let there be ban for all to post any thread and let only editors do that favor by raising as many threads as possible.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    We can understand your concern. But be clear about your observation regarding the deletion and locking of threads. Today I had to lock my own thread about the Presidential nominee of NDA as I have not followed the other threads and the same was pointed out by Partha. I have deleted four threads of a new member day before yesterday as she has posted one liner threads about heroines and movies. Some threads which may rake up controversy in the forum which indirectly are hinted about our members are also deleted/locked. The online editors when come across such threads are bound to take action. So, don't plead about deletion of threads as a matter of routine and on behalf of everyone..

    Please come out with specific details of threads posted by you that are deleted by Editors and the reason would be explained, if felt necessary.


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    The continuous controversy and rancour regarding abrupt locking and deletion of threads are simply due to ambiguous nature of the so-called policy. If the policy is not understood by even the senior-most Members of ISC, then it would be quite natural that such policy would be misinterpreted by less-experienced Members (including the Editors).

    So, it is very much necessary to clearly spell out the so-called policy on Forum threads.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Today morning I raised a thread saying that India lost the match and reasons for the loss. I have asked the opinions of other members on the same issue. The thread was locked saying that similar thread is already posted. The post they have mentioned is that of yesterday before starting the game and continued till today morning. Ok. No problem. But today in the evening two threads on the same topic were posted and members are responding. I fail to understand why my thread was closed and why in the evening new threads are coming. 10 to 12 hours are making that much difference. Of course Editors will know the rules and regulations better than me and there may be a reason for rejecting my thread.
    As suggested by Mr.Partha, it is very much necessary to clearly spell out the policy on forum threads. My sincere request to on line editors how this morning my thread is locked and new thread on the same topic is allowed in the evening. Please don't feel that a junior most member is questioning you. I am requesting but not questioning.

    always confident

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    I think members have also access to go through the deleted posts. I suggest you to through all the threads that are deleted and please offer your comments whether any of the threads can be allowed to be restored. Don't think that Editors have the fancy of deleting the threads or abruptly locking them. There is no point in harping on a simple thing by wasting time of everyone.

    @Dr. Rao: I have checked your thread and I too think there is no reason in raising a separate thread as all of us have expressed our opinion about the defeat of our team in the Sports thread raised by Partha which is still in live.


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    I need not give specific details. From the responses of members and from the threads visible in the deleted section it is quite clear that even threads of good one are rejected citing low quality.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @ Mr. Jagdish,
    Thank you for your reply. I have posted in Mr. Partha's thread after deleting my thread. But I fail to understand why another two threads were allowed on the same subject in the evening. This question was left unanswered.

    always confident

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    @ Dr. Rao: Agreed to your point and the other threads are also locked.
    @ Mr. Mohan: In the absence of the details of specific thread/s, there is no meaning in discussing the matter as a general nature and even the request for intervention of the WM also can't be forwarded. Please confirm whether the thread can be locked.


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    Without judging on the merits and demerits of any one thread, let me give my general views in this matter.
    The suggestion for a panel to decide on a post appears illogical and impractical.

    The other day due to issues in my internet connection from power failure, one of my thread got published but I did not notice that. Immediately on power resuming I re-logged and clicked. An auto alert appeared that there is already a similar thread. It was then that I found my post has already got posted.

    But unless the threads are exactly similar the auto alert cannot prompt. It is in such situations manual interventions are needed and taken.

    As we all know any establishment has its own set guidelines some of which are basic and permanent, others dynamic and changing. Sometime there may occur some need to take impromptu decisions also. It is natural that the affected person feels bad. It is a case similar to a department head fighting with the group head on some matter decided against him. Whereas the department head has jurisdiction and vie of only his department, the group head has to take care of the whole group's overall benefit and performance. Similarly our creation will appear to be the best always in our own judgement.

    Life is full of alternatives and choices. Why to think that we do not have any other opportunity when one or two of our posts are deleted in ISC? Are we so starved of talent and creativity? Even in sports events participants take the next chance attempt and do not leave after one failure.

    Evaluation and selection or rejection many times is based on 'best at this moment, in this context under these parameters'. So rejection does not mean the product is totally useless. In another context and time probably would have fetched the high credits.

    Let the boss -whoever it may be- take his decision.Sometimes compliance is also needed and essential for overall performance. As members of ISC which has an overall performance task, above individual goals and standards let us understandingly subject to the decisions and comply with grace.

    To question or dispute is appreciated and receives attention for some time as it will appear as a dissent based on genuine essence. But if the the same harping is continued, it may be interpreted as personal disgruntlement and may not find general resonance.
    ISCians have a lot of talent and creativity in store. Even if one or two posts get rejected , they can bring more better ones still.

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    Yes ISC members are talented enough to bring new posts here even if the submitted posts got deleted but when the posts thus shared if it has some substance, it must be allowed to live and discussed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After introspection, I now feel that it is not possible for ordinary, low-level Members like me to put forward logical views. The Editors are unfortunately not prepared to listen to logical views. They go on supporting one another's views, however illogical, irrational these may be, and prevail upon ordinary Members. Some Editors are not even prepared to re-check the issues pointed out by the Members. At the same time, some Members always support the Editors without considering other Members' viewpoints.
    There is no doubt that of late the quality of Forum posts is going down because of unnecessary restriction, irrational locking and abrupt deletion of threads. Under these circumstances, it is better to slowly withdraw oneself from the Forum section.
    This is my personal opinion.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I raised a thread as to why a person with high intelligence and knowledge suddenly shifts to a below average intelligence and knowledge with respect to English. The thread was deleted. I think it is a fitting thread to discuss the cause for the change. I did not pinpoint and indicate any particular member. I posted as a general thread. Editors have something different in their mind. They think negatively. It is the indifferent attitude of our good editors.

    I do not recommend a separate panel of editors to scrutinize the threads, but the editors should be taught well about the handling of threads.

    No life without Sun

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    When there are diversified views displayed here about the thread itself, you can't expect a uniform approach to be adopted by all Editors. The way of dealing things may vary from individual to individual but it is not correct to say that Editors are not prepared to listen to logical reasoning. When there are cases of doubtful/dubious or which may lead to controversy are brought to the team for discussion internally, even WM himself gives suggestion how to deal with. Thus don't think that unilateral decisions are taken by an Editor, even if taken spontaneously, there are instances where deleted threads are restored after internal discussions. Therefore, the suggestion for panel of Editors to deal with a thread is already in its operational existence.


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    We definitely agree to disagree.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Though I am new here and may not have such talent or experience like other member do in this site. I have gone through some history of this site and came to this calculation which may be wrong for many eyes. Let me first start with this old proverb - "A rich man can not understand the feeling of a poor hunger." The reason he never had such situation in his life. So for him it is very easy to say that what if one don't get food for a day or a time. Same way a member can not understand the pain of deletion of others thread who was cared like a Prince in this site.

    Now, let me remind you our history if we go just before independence. The British Government use to look after very well to those Indians who does lickspittles to them. And killed those who tried to stand against of them.

    A person who gets awards and rewards almost four time every month (if we go by last three month details), is difficult for him to criticise someone in power. At the same time, those who are in power, difficult for them to ignore such person who does their work with so hard way, making understand the fellow members what is wrong or right, even if it was wrong, such person can't say openly because they don't want to hurt their "Boss".

    I am surprised with a sentence - "Let the boss -whoever it may be- take his decision." The excitement is open while uttering these words. But who is the BOSS? The webmaster or editors? But more surprising that both editor and webmaster never said that they are Boss, then why this particular member is forcing his personal thought to others? Why he is trying to create an image for himself as if he is the only person who understand all situation better than others?

    In my first post one of editor locked my post saying that I should take others word in right spirit. Hope my words too should be taken in right spirit as no one can force their thought on others, its should be followed by others too. This is not my words but one of our Editors.

    "Bulldozer", Naam to Suna Hi Hoga (You would have heard this name)

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    Welcome to the site, newbie (Bulldozer). Wow! What a straightforward response, based on your analysis.

    There is always this question that is posed to me – 'what will a newbie think?' Now here is the answer. These are a newbie's thoughts. No provocation – just an honest opinion (if I may dare, say so) of what a newbie sees and thinks.

    A newbie has had the guts to put down, on record, how they see things, function here. There is some truth in there – or at least, a common view that I share, as well. A few other members might agree on the thoughts of the newbie.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I welcome new member Bulldozer to the site.

    This is something called enter with a bang. I appreciate the spirit and vigour with which the member has put forth the views in response post 601220. As Juana used to say, each one has own opinion. Debate and discussion means there will be different opinions from different participants. It is not binding on anyone to accept others views, Any matter can have more views when viewed by different people.

    However after reading the line in the last para of above referred post "In my first post one of editor locked my post....", I accept that the member Bulldozer has every right to feel the pain. I have no intention and have no right to question that. Hence I do not want to dissect that response post further. I leave it at that.

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    To me, the Bulldozer doesn't appear to be a newbie to the site, but an experienced old guy of this site. He dared to write so well about the ISC. The stuff provided is good. He has studied the WMs and editors history. It is not the experience gained by the member in two days from 19th June 2017to 21 June 2017, but of many years, I think. .

    In anycase, I welcome Mr. Bulldozer for his daring words quoting the good proverbs. Hope to see many such ISC analysis by the Bulldozer.

    No life without Sun

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