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    Take care of footpath...

    Actually today I wish to discuss about the cleanliness in foot path. Now every where Swach Bharat Abhiyan is going on and dry waste and wet waste separation is done successfully in some cities. But along with we should take care of footpath especially when we take our pets for walk. I find in the morning after the municipal people sweep, morning walkers who come with their pets i,e dog's take the footpath granted as toilet room for pets. They allow their pets to dirty in the foot path only. I think by this it creates a lot of problem to the other pedestrians who walk in the foot path. I think this has to be stopped by the government and even health wise its very unhygienic.
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    I recall an advertisement by Chennai Municipal corporation many years ago. It was a cartoon drawing. It showed a woman (apparently well educated and having financial background) emptying her waste basket over the compound wall on to the public road and footpath.

    The caption given below was striking and obvious.It said" All the world i dirty except her house".

    Many of us are like the lady in the cartoon, even now.

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    Nice observation and advisory from the author. I too does not like the morning walkers along with the pet allow to ease them on such path ways where the movement of people would be more from peak hours. I am also against the attitude of pet owners who would allow the pet to ease in front of other homes as if they have given the rights to defecate. The pet owners must understand that once they habituate the pet to ease at a particular place daily, the pet shall literally drag them to that spot and feel do the thing. It is left to the wisdom of pet owners to realize whether they are doing the right thing.
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    This is a big problem. In our area there is a woman who is having about 10 street dogs with her. She feeds them with food outside the house on the road. The dogs eat half and leave the remaining on the road . The whole area looks very ugly. These dogs roam around and spoil everywhere. Many times we have requested her to have a better way of feeding the animals. But she never cares. Completely irresponsible and no awareness.

    Like this many people are there. Early morning they will come out with their pets and leave them on the road. The children going that side will have lot of fear and try to avoid going that way. They never think about the others.

    These pets are spoiling the streets also. Government can bring in rules. But nobody follows. There is no awareness or social responsibilities. One should think and act accordingly.

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    I agree with all the author's who have responded to this forum. Really people only should think what is right and wrong.

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    Yes I too agree, now a days it forms a major problem in some states our country that not maintaining the footpath clean.
    Instead of keeping clean people used to through wastes on the footpath and some of them are letting their pets to urinate on the footpath, even some people use footpath as a public toilet.
    How shame it is that everybody are making dirt and even not considering the fact.
    The municipality workers are also become lazy to do this type works.

    See as a citizen everyone has a responsibility to clean our sorroundings. See we clean our sorroundings and make them look clear and neat then automatically everyone has a positive thinking.

    Please do clean sorroundings and keep positive feeling.

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    A nice topic which has arisen a great feeling as a citizen and feeling to do to our country. Hope all authors will response this and everyone should follow a clean and clear Life
    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    This is a very important issue raised by the author and needs the attention of not only civic bodies but all the citizens and citizen groups. The footpaths have become the dwelling place of the beggers, shops of petty vendors, place for the garbage and other condemn items of adjoining shops.The purpose of footpath is totally spoiled as it is available for everything but pedestrians.
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