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    Dreams : Our deepest and darkest desires

    I used to think of dreams as just some visuals which we see in our sleep, based on what happens to us in our daily lives, but yesterday I had this weird dream which changed my view about them completely. In the dream, I was beating one of my closest friends brutally; he was screaming in pain and bleeding heavily but that didn't stop me.

    When I woke up, I thought about it; why would I dream of beating a friend who has done nothing wrong to me and shares a very healthy relation. I realised that although he is a very dear friend of mine but there are certain habits of him that annoy me. I never say anything to him but it gets me frustrated. So may be some part of me wants to get my frustration out on him; may be dreams are not just some visuals but signify our deepest and darkest desires.
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    Nice post from the author. Through dreams we try to visualize, the desires, the wants, the lust and above all taking revenge too. Normally we wont express our anguish or disapproval with the close friends on some of their moves and the vengeance taken out on him in form of dream with worst sequence which may not happen in real. And the interesting part is that we cannot reveal the bad dream to the dear friend as he may further offended. Nevertheless all the dreams are not real and most of them are fictitious and for pleasure. Just enjoy the scenes as it appears and forget that day itself for better living. That is why elders used to tell that we must listen to good words of others, read good books, take cue from the good works and achievements of others and all these aspects would have greater impact on our mind and we wont have bad dreams.
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    Nice thread raised by the author about a thought often confuses our mind, whether their is any hidden message in dreams or not?
    But dreams are mere menifestations of our thoughts in very mixup and distorted form.
    They are a mixup of various thoughts travelling and hidden their in our subconcious and concious mind, sometime they might show a visual which is truely our personality but sometime they may differ and may show something totally opposite of what we are that doesn't means it is our hidden desire or any dark thought.
    And since they are in distorted and mixup form one should not take them way to seriously.

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    Generally when we go to bed before sleeping we will be thinking about some issues. We may be thinking about some people. Slowly while thinking we will get into sleep. The subconscious mind will be working on these issues. Sometimes we will get dreams related to that topic. Yesterday before going to bed I a got a phone call from my old friend and after that just I was recollecting the moments with him earlier. In the night there was dream in which that friend came to our house and we spent sometime together.

    All dreams may not become true. But there is a belief that the dreams that are coming in the early hours of morning before sunrise will become real very soon. But I never experienced this.
    All of us will have some desires. But all may not fulfil, We will get dreams in which we feel very happy because our wish is fulfilled.

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