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    Do you get attracted to advertisement s while browsing websites?

    Usually in TV programs lot of advertisement s you get in between in each interesting show like cinema, serials, sports live relay etc. We feel angry to see such advertisements in between the interesting programs. When we are browsing through internet also we find many advertisements. Do you click and visit those advertisements or simply you try to avoid them. Some times we find we cannot escape them without clicking because they block our reading. Folks, what is your experience and how you are avoiding them?
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    Whenever a advertisement comes on a TV in between a programme, I will shift to another channel and come back to the previous channel after three minutes. Nowadays the advertisements are shown for minimum three minutes.

    When I browse internet many times advertisements are coming in between. I just ignore them and not even click on that. Sometimes as you said they may block our reading also. In such case simply I click on that and immediately close the advertisements.
    When we watch some videos, the advertisement will come and immediately you can't skip that. Only after 3 or 4 seconds only we can skip. So that 3 or 4 seconds we have to bear with that.

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    No, I do not get attracted towards Ads. On the contrary, I get distracted, so I use AdBlockPlus to block the Ads in all the browsers
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    There is lots of difference between advertisements appearing on television and those ads appearing on the internet. While the ads shown in the television are in between the programs, that means we have the option either to watch or mute it and do other work for those two minutes. But when we are on line those video ads or still ads coming popping much to our irritation and thus many of us would avoid the ads or skip them. While the television ads are informative and even the children would love to watch it, Internet ads are sometimes have adult stuff and thus children should not view them.
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