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    A day without smartphone- Share your feelings

    Finding a person without a mobile phone is a very difficult task today. Each and every one of us is holding a smart phone. Previously computers created a big revolution but now we are in the smartphone era and the smartphones has changed a lot of things in our daily life. Everything has become online and we are able to use almost all the services anywhere and anytime. Apart from the social media applications, in general both android and iOS applications serves the people in many ways. From kids to elder people, many know how to use smartphones and are easily accessing the available services through internet.

    The usage of smartphone is gradually increasing and so is the mobile addiction. A day without smartphone has become impossible because smartphone is now acting like an organ in the body. When we leave home, we all have the habit of carrying our smartphones too. During a day out or during free time, people often use smartphones to check mails, update status messages in social media sites, play games, read e-books and newspapers, do calls, chat with friends, book taxi, track location etc. So to use smartphones, we all have a lot of reasons. Some people will feel stressed if they are not able to use smartphones and some would feel relaxed.

    By any chance, have you left your home without carrying your smartphone and spent a day or few hours outside without your smartphone? If yes, what was your feeling at that time? If no, imagine the same situation and share how would you feel?
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    As a daily wage earner, I regularly leave my smartphone at home. I don't felt necessary to carry smart phones while working or doing odd jobs. However, every morning and evening I spend minimum two hours in the morning surfing the web, checking emails and keeping track of my YouTube views and subs. After returning from work at the evening, I have to check my blog post, comments and everything I do on the net is only through mobile.

    Yes, I agree with the author. Our life are now incomplete without these gadgets or stuffs. Meanwhile, we should avoid excessive usage of smart phones and internet because these tools, gadgets, gizmos and advanced technology are to make our life easier and not to ruin our life.

    If you see or take a look at the today's children's, individuals and people, you will notice many people using it in wrong way. Please don't blame us. They are made for our boredom like games. You see many youth in this age are addicted to gaming, and chatting in social platforms or whatever social media out there. They are using it in wrong way. If you take a look around you then you will certainly notice people playing Clash of Clans, Teen Patti Gold for whole day forgetting all their important jobs.

    Most of the development and New nurturement or implementation introduce to offer entertainment and for valid reason for us to make our life ease. We all are using technology in wrong way.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Yesterday I have gone for a meeting in Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad. I got delayed in the house and I was a bit hurry to start. I was typing something on my tablet. Simply with that tablet I came out and sat in the car. I continued my work on my tablet. Once I finished that I remembered about my mobile. I kept it on my working table in the house and forgot picking up while coming out. By that time I crossed lower tank bund and I was almost in Himayat Nagar. Before going to meeting I told my driver to park the car. He has to go a long distance to park it. After my meeting I have to give a ring to him so that he will come to the meeting place. No phone with me. I have noted down the driver's number on a piece of paper and left for the meeting. The meeting almost last for 3 hours. These 3 hours no disturbance for me. No messages, no calls and no whatsApp. I fully devoted my time for the meeting. After the meeting, before I start back to my house, I called my driver from a landline in that office. I came down. Driver came and I started to my house. I felt after a long time I have concentrated on the meeting without any disturbance.
    Another time I visited my native place for six days. No internet connection. Phones for calling only. No other activity as I don't have any data card and wifi connection, no disturbance.

    After these two experiences I feel Smart Phones are very disturbing.

    always confident

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    The situation has to such a level that even if we want to avoid using smartphone, the government and everything around us compels us to use smartphone. Those things which till this day we were accomplishing by our manual efforts like writing an application or filling a form, going to the post office affixing stamps and then sending it by registered or recorded post ,then waiting for acknowledgement etc, usually associated with exams, jobs other applications licences etc etc. are now to be done online only. Exams and interviews are conducted online only.
    Very recently I read a report that marriage took place online.( The bridegroom could not reach marriage venue due to some unexpected and unavoidable problem. Not skip the auspicious time, the marriage took place in font of webcams, the groom's sister taking place of the groom and tying the sacred knot and the groom viewing online and according concurrence.

    Today no one needs to ask another person way in anew place. The smartphone is there for that.
    Take anything, that is accessible and available via smartphone. Life becomes totally online and portable and moving always. So smartphone is an essential necessity.

    We cannot think of a moment without smartphone. It has become an automatic appendage of human body.

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    Yes a day without a smart phone cannot be imagined nor experienced. Only Yesterday morning we gone through that ordeal. My son was going for a college workshop for four days and his every advise from college and even notes are shared through whatsap and for him the smart phone is more important. Unfortunately the phone system got crashed when he was about to leave for the venue early in the morning. There was total chaos. He cannot get in touch with the classmates, he cannot get their feeds. But luckily we reached the spot where the bus could had left for the venue. Now he is contacting us through others phone.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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