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    For everyone and everywhere English is compulsary in india

    Why English is compulsory in India because we want .

    Today about 60-70% student don't know how to speak proper HINDI language which is our national language and also our Mother Tongue.

    But everywhere english is must don't know why
    Indian Army is called as bhartiya sena right But in this Bhartiya Sena no english no respect why ....

    Now a days English is the father of Hindi ........

    Please teach your child how to speak a proper hindi
    Because they live in a Hindi country
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    A good thread raised by our fellow ISCian. Thanks for pulling out this discussion.

    First, we are already quite conversant with the usage of Hindi language. Because it is our native language. Everybody knows how to speak and write Hindi and yes it is also important for us to learn how to speak our Mother tongue fluently. Hindi is our national language and it is always important.

    We also give equal importance to English language because they are most important in every aspects of our life from education to profession.

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    As mentioned English is the only language every one in India are comfortable. This is more in the younger generation. They can't speak Hindi or their Mother Tongue. This is where Britishers won over Indians. They gave freedom to the country but not to the Language. Their impressions are there everywhere. Pity is countries like France are learning Sanskrit. Our country is known as Veda Bhoomi, but we have forgotten Sanskrit, Even the children will not call their parents in their Mother Tongue. They call Mummy and Daddy only.
    Hindi is National Language, but in South India many people don't understand much of Hindi. Kerala, Tamilnadu , Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh don't use much of Hindi. You can manage those places by English only. The present condition is even a sentence by anyone without using a English word can't be completed in our country.
    People should realise the importance of Mother Tongue and Hindi. They should encourage their wards to learn these languages also.

    always confident

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    After the coming of the more entertaining TV channels in Hindi beamed via satellites, India started to learn Hindi voluntarily. The telecast of Mahabharata and Ramayana caused and enhanced this interest.
    Quite different from the situation existing a couple of decades ago, now the migration is from North and eastern states to southern states.
    That had made the migrants learn the southern states language and the southern states people learning Hindi and other state languages. In my place most private service buses display destination board in Hindi.The local theatres show Bengali and Oriya movies apart from the Hindi movies which were always there. Most bus conductors and even less educated businessmen and SSI owners can now talk Hindi very easily by interacting with migrant workers.

    Hindi is taught in academic curriculum throughout the country. So I do not think there is any difficulty in knowing and communicating in Hindi.

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    Yes every citizen in India learning English has become compulsory and mandatory as every work has been done through English language and everyone connects with this language instantly. One may not be fluent in talking English but he must be well versed in writing and understanding the language. Right from Nursery the English has been taught but people wont have the interest to learn citing reason that they know Hindi as the virtue of mother tongue and they need not worry. But as they grow big and the reason to learn English becomes compulsory, then they fumble and fume. Nothing wrong to learn English as it is the universal language too.
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    Normally children are hating the persons who asks them to read or study. Many elders are hatred towards the persons advising or compelling them to do some thing. Similarly there should not be any compulsion or force in anything. The learning of a language should be given ease to anybody by making them to understand that the same is required for easy communication with other language persons. In schools the English was set as Second Language in all level of schooling since many decades but we only for our interest sake, changed everything. Now we want this language and that language. What is the loss in following earlier system of education? First language should be vernacular and third one should be Hindi where the second one is English. If this is followed there will not be any compulsion or force and the children will also get familiar in all languages. There should not be any bias in the language.

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    First of all, India does not have a national language. What we have are 'official languages' - and both Hindi and English are recognised as the official languages of India. The Indian Constitution declares Hindi as an official language, not a national language.

    The people who do not speak Hindi do not belong to the Hindi speaking belt. How can the author state that it is everyone's mother tongue? It can be your and my mother tongue – but it cannot be the mother tongue of someone born in West Bengal or Punjab or Kerala or Karnataka. People belonging to the Hindi speaking belt too do not speak proper Hindi.

    And how much do you know about the Indian Army? The Indian Army is called 'Bhartiya Thal Sena' – not Bhartiya Sena. Bhartiya Sena would broadly be referred to as The Indian Armed Forces, within which there is the Thal Sena (Army) Nau Sena (Navy) and Vayu Sena (Air Force).

    Every officer and 'Jawan', Sailor and Airmen of the Indian Armed Forces knows how to read, write and speak Hindi. They have to clear an exam – it is part of their training.

    Take any regiment of the Indian Army and you will find its men speaking fluently in Hindi. Please stop sharing such baseless information.

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    Unfortunately English has very deep Roots in India and it is there since colonial times. Another thing is English is one language which has almost become a link and common language in most of the parts of world. People learn it due to various reasons and in that pursuit neglect their mother tongue or national language.

    All of us have become habitual of this language though websites and other media are available in our language but we do not care for them. All the important entrance test or foreign language efficiency tests are based on English only. The flow of work from Govt machinery to industries or academia are all in English and it appears so normal to us that we forget that it is a language of a country who simply ruled us for long.

    What is the road map for future in this regard? Just go on like this or raise against it for replacing it with our national language. This is a question which is standing in front of us as well as in front of the Govt like a demon.

    The solution is not simple but is attainable if sincere efforts are done in this direction by Govt as well citizen.

    Knowledge is power.

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