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    How noiselessly went ‘Fathers Day’

    I was wondering. In comparison to the 'Mothers Day' this year's F D went so noiseless. There were just some ritualistic hesitant messages here and there. That was just whimper in comparison to what was in display for the M D.

    I feel content and satisfied with a very relevant whatsapp message I received on Mothers Day
    " Thanks to all fathers who made us women proud mothers".

    I think that is self explanatory. A coin has always two sides. It is not that only one side is used and the other hidden. It is like the Moon we see- we see only one side always, there is much more to see and know. It remains unexplored.
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    Yes when compared to Mothers day, the fathers day went noiseless, spotless but nevertheless the children were remembering and I was fortunate enough as they even gifted me with a new Pant. However much noise and sharing could be seen on Mothers day and there was whole lots of exchanging pleasantries.. Every mother knows that without a father the life is nothing and she knows the importance of the father. Like wise every daughter knows the importance of father and there need not be a particular day to wish us. Like the author opined , we could see the one side of Moon that is mother, and the other side of moon is the father which is remained mute.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mother and father are complementary to each other. No father with out mother. No mother with out father. Each is having their own impact on their children. Some children are more towards mother. Some are more towards father.
    This will depend on the compatibility of the individuals. Celebrating Mother's day or Father's day is not Indian culture. It has been imported from the western countries. But now it has become very popular because of social media.
    There is a general belief that this world is a male dominated society. So whenever chance comes women want to show their supremacy. That is why Mother's day musics are very high. Everybody will exchange pleasantries on Mother's day but father's day it is not so high. As an individual I don't like this kind of imported festivals.

    always confident

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