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    Is really india a poor country what you think about this non-sense talk

    We all know that India is not a poor country.

    But due to some people India is in lowest rank

    Because some people reacting like this that India has not enough education system and full of corruption

    They don't know that they also involved in corruption.
    Because they also support that.

    Everybody think that if they give something to the employees they work fast and they get their documents as soon as possible.

    But they don't know that they spoil the future of India and their coming generation.

    So many politicians are also blamed and case is also filed against them but they are honourable because they have powers.

    But I think that everyone will punish for his or her offence.
    Do you.....
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    India is not a poor country. It is a rich country. But many Indians are poor. The richness is concentrated in limited families only. You will find a political leader who had a very big lotus like house in a vast area in a very rich locality of a big city. You will find a big industrialist with a fort with unknown number of rooms with helipad on the house. Another leader with golden seat to sit in the house. The entire wealth of this country is concentrated in a few houses. It can't see light and can't feel fresh breeze.

    You will find many people without a good cloth to cover their body and no shelter to sleep. So when visitors come to India they can see only these people who are sleeping on a road side without a bed sheet or pillow. They can't be shown the heaps of money rattling in few houses. So they think India is a poor country.

    Nobody knows how to come out of these owes. All politicians are busy in collecting their shares. All business people are busy in accounting their income which is tax free. So none of them have time to think about these poor people.

    Nobody can improve this situation till the voters know their value and revolt against the self centered people. Hope a day will come if not sooner, later.

    always confident

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    India is not a poor country. But the people are poor man's minded.

    Corruption is not a new thing. It is all around the globe. They won't accept bribe on the table even if you offer chores of rupees but if you offer 10 Ripped bribe from beneath the table they would accept it.

    This things has now become a thing of past. Our country is not bad, poor or neither corrupted but the people living in India are corrupted and whoever says my country is corrupted, I would give him a silent slap.

    India is also the second big country in the world. Our country is the best country since it doesn't have any restriction. India is a freedom country. Anyone can work and earn his/ her living. Unfortunately, our leaders are just raising taxes and imposing taxes called GST even to poor and daily wage earners just like the Evil Roman Soldier did.

    India is a good country but we the people are selfish.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    A country is poor if it's large part of population is poor and in this reference India is a poor country.

    We have plenty of industries and avenues for employment but due to poor governance and bad reputation of our products in the world market we are suffering in export market and a huge influx of cheap foreign goods are making our business weak day by day.

    It may be a unfortunate thing but it is true. Farmers are not getting good price for their products, young generation is not getting jobs as per their qualification, honest workers are finding theirselves in a suffocating atmosphere of corruption and nepotism. What else is required to make a country poor?

    Knowledge is power.

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    I too agree that India is not a poor country as often portrayed. It is the country with rich thoughts, and creative minds. But few rich people have been garnering the money since many years in the name of their established brands and thus their Business empire is going on improving and not the standards of people of the country. The rich people of this country are not reaching out to the poor nor they are undertaking any development work for the poor. But they are ready to finance those parties which are likely to get into power and then wield their close rapport for getting plum contracts. This kind of ruling is happening since many years. There is a saying in Urdu that " jahan gada hain wahan pe paani bartha hain " the meaning for this great proverb is that , where there is a low lying area the water would accumulate there naturally. So the money of this country is centered with few.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In India, 52% of the wealth is in the hands of few people. The inequality in the distribution of wealth is the reason why many of the people are below poverty line. Because of a large number of poor people in the country, India is still considered a poor and developing country.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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