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    Please help me . i am new one here.

    Hi! Its Amit333

    I am new one here to improve my contents and articals and jobs resources.

    So need help plz .
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    I extend warm welcome to you Mr. Amit It is nice to have people like you on this site. You can teach and you can learn. You can make money with your talent. Anyhow, even though you are not very experienced, do go through the Help topics as you are new to this site. You will get fairly a very good idea about various sections of this site by going through some of the earlier posts. All the best to you! I hope you will have a very good time with this site!
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    My hearty welcome to you Mr. Amit 333, Very nice to have people like you on this site. This site a very good site to learn and teach to others. There is a very good scope to earn also. As a beginner you should start with help topics. Once you go through all help topics you will definitely get a fair idea about this site and activities of this site. Then go through the threads. Read all the forums and start posting your ideas. Then you can start Ask Experts and articles. I hope we mutually get benefitted with interaction through this site.
    All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Warm Welcome Mr. Amit 333!
    Can you explain the significance of the three numbers attached with your name?

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    Welcome Amit!

    Every member here was new once. So you need not worry.By and by you also will become a seasoned member.

    Observing how others post and discus, then involving gradually and slowly in discussions, starting threads and familiarising about the site and the policies and guidelines by searching Help Topics or searching by necessary heading or keyword etc will give you confidence . Then you can start writing articles. You may see some announcements of contests periodically. Participate in the contests. Read others articles posted in article section.

    You can ask your genuine doubts about matters connected with this site in in the forum. Experienced members and editors /ME will be able to clear your doubts.
    You have now begun. Carry on. Best Wishes.

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    Amit warm welcome to this site and great to know that you want to improve upon your content writing and article writing skills. First of all do not share your e mail address or telephone number on any page and kindly delete it. Now that you have become the member, we shall definitely help you to create content and write articles. As you go through various profiles of scores of members you shall definitely get clue as to how to perform and get rewarded and awarded too. All you need is the zeal to write and that must be natural and own. There should not copy pasting activity in this site and all the submissions here must be of your own thought and creations. You can participate in this forum with good topics, you can respond in the forum threads, you can create a article on any matter and that must be in detail and meaningful and also useful, Like wise you can participate in ask experts and even append answers too.
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    Bless You all and thanks for Support . but how to starts please help and do best . where to starts . need direction.

    so plz my seniors plz help me out .



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    Glad you have joined our site. Please note that you should not select all answers as 'best answer' - that does not make sense at all.

    Where to start - begin right here, in the forum. Participate in forum discussions in the various threads. It will greatly improve your English and writing skills. I would suggest then trying to answer a few questions in our Ask Expert section, based on your knowledge and expertise. Check how others are responding and follow guidelines. Similarly, check other sections to see how members are contributing. Please read Sectionwise FAQs.

    Have a nice time!

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    Hi Amit, welcome to Isc the place you can earn while learning. Try to contribute in different sections of ISC and earn money, prove your knowledge, English typing skill etc. All the best.

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