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    During Ramzaan Haleem is very famous dish prepared in Hyderabad. What about other places ?

    We know that old city of Hyderabad is the Muslim dominated place and during Ramzaan festivities, preparing Haleem has become the custom and every restaurant here would prepare offer Chicken and Mutton Haleem and those who are fasting the whole day would have the taste of Haleem after the evening prayers and thus they regain the lost strength due to fasting. It is the non vegetarian dish prepared with lots of spices, chicken and mutton and pure ghee. One more thing this Haleem has to be taken after fasting to regaining strength and eating just like that would create heavy stomach. This was told by the fasting person. Does this Haleem prepared in your cities too ?
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    Haleem is very famous in Hyderabad. But in Andhra Pradesh there are many muslims who follow Ramzaan fasting very scrupulously. But I have not seen Haleem shops in that area. I don't know whether they make in the houses and eat.
    In Hyderabad every where you will find these shops. Many Hindus also eat this Haleem as they like the taste of it. These shops will vanish after this one month.
    All muslims in Hyderabad will definitely follow this fasting and they go for namaz on time. They never miss it. Fantastic belief in this festival.

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    I think Haleem is the second most popular meat dish in Hyderabad, after Biryani. In Lucknow and other parts of Uttar Pradesh, they serve something called 'Khichda', which is similar to Haleem, but the consistency is different. I stayed in Lucknow for some time and the cuisine there is to die for. Seriously, they serve the most delectable kebabs, biryanis and kormas. Delhi too serves some yummy food – provided you have the patience to search for the right eating places, in overly crowded and narrow lanes.

    There is a stark difference in flavours in the Hyderabad, Lucknow and Delhi cuisine.

    Coming to Haleem – I would say it is a meal by itself. It is slow cooked, generally for many hours and contains a variety of ingredients that include spices and whole grains. So, it is more than just meat. The Pista House Haleem is world famous. My personal favourite is 'Khichda' – I find Haleem to pasty.

    I had posted a recipe in the Ask Expert Section - How to cook Haleem at home

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