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    Where will I submit the courses in

    Where is the link to submit the courses of the university or the college in India study channel? How we find for which college we are posting the courses.
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    Sukanya, in spite of being advised many times, you don't seem to have spared some time to explore the site. Not that there is any restriction in coming up with doubts quite often nor is it that we have any reluctance in guiding you time and again but it would certainly be nice (and helpful to you) if you try and find out yourself and pose a query only when you are helpless. Hope you will understand and take the suggestion in the right spirit.

    Coming to your query, you can add a course to a college (not an university) via the 'add course' link provided at the end of college pages only. Please check whether the course you want to add is already present in the data provided for the particular college so as to avoid duplicity. For going to 'colleges' click on the 'education' tab in the menu bar and check out the drop down menu.

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