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    Request to review the answers

    Please refer to the question the link of which is indicated below:-

    Can I give Intermediate exam two times in two different colleges

    So far five Members have answered the question asked by Mr. ansh (myself included). I was going through the answers given by the Members. I have found that some answeres may be irrelevant and utterly confusing. These answers have the inherent ability to further confuse an already confused Member who has asked the question.

    I humbly request the concerned Editor to review the answers to the question and delete the irrelvant/factually incorrect answers to avoid confusion.

    This is a genuine request and I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling.
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    The answers have not been reviewed as yet. We will check it out.
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Partha, the purpose of this thread is served. That was because on curiosity to know what was the matter, I visited the link and found that one of my responses related to another thread got posted there. So I am the culprit.

    You are right on target . I thank God because it was luck that I could rectify the mistake in time and without much injury from forum taunts and dissection. I sincerely Thank you for that. I have now more faith in my belief that every one is my well wisher.

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    The thread still stands.
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