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    Penny wise and pound foolish

    The words Penny and pound denote British currency units. One pound is worth 100 pence. This proverb denotes that some people are very careful in saving pence but loose in pounds. When a lady comes to the street for selling fruits we bargain with her and save a few pence. But when we go to a restaurant for eating out we spend more pounds there. When a beggar comes we hesitate to pay one rupee to him but we give Rs.10/- as tip to a security guard at a restaurant. who opens your car door. Is it not penny wise and pound foolish.

    This proverb is used in other contexts also. If somebody is very careful about small issues but ignore important things, we can say he is penny wise pound foolish. In manufacturing organisation chances of wastage is more in manufacturing area. So if the organisation is not doing well, we have to concentrate on the operations and see where we are losing. Without worrying about that huge wastage there, if somebody thinks how many white papers are consumed in the office and try to control the use of white papers there will not be any use. This is known as penny wise and pound foolish.
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    A good thread and a lesson for a person like me who should learn. I have learned a good lesson from this thread.

    Yes, I have to agree with you. Earning money is not important. Saving money is more important than earning. We often forget this. However, when it comes to saving, I feel myself too greedy and selfish.

    I feel like earning and earning and earning, and feel like a beggar before god. If we ask for more then God might reject our application outright. Usually, I spend more than what I earn and sometimes I exceed it.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    A thread on a proverb which has practical relevance always. Though not directly explaining this , I can say something in this connection.Sometimes when a coin drops down just to save that we shake or bend and that makes everything in our pockets fall down and we may break our mobile phone or spectacles also.

    In my experience I have also heard a saying almost the opposite also. 'Take care of the pennies,pounds will take care of themselves'. I had found that also true in certain contexts.

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    By taking cue from the proverb the author well narrated the happenings in our real life. In many cases we try to see for small savings and even argue at the vendor but when we visit the malls where the rates are "fixed" we are dumb and wont have the guts to seek price cuts. The other day one of my friend wants to purchase a college bag for his son and I suggested the best place near Charminar. But he chose to purchase the same from a mall on the demand of his son and thus he spent 1200 for the bag which is available for 500 at Charminar. The quality is the same, the brand is the same but Mall people would charge for their rent too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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