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    Night Bazaar at Charminar. Is there any city which bustles with activities even whole night ?

    Come Ramzaan, In Hyderabad near Charminar , the whole month would be cash reaping month for the traders, petty traders and every one who sells some thing or the other and this happens the whole night for the whole month. Probably no other place in this country has the night bazaar with so much people visiting the place for making purchases and the rates are very reasonable and some times get cheaper than expected.. Most of the Muslims after their daily prayers and having dinner by late evening, would visit this place for a detailed shopping for entire family and friends. Have you ever see such night bazaars.
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    I have not witnessed one, but there are all night bazaar's in many places during Ramzaan, in cities and towns populated by Muslims. I know Old Delhi, 'Purani Dilli', comes alive during this time. There are special tours conducted during Ramzaan. There are Iftaar Walks, that start in the evening and end by elevenish. And there are Sehri Walks that begin at around eleven and end at dawn.

    There is a similar bazaar in Nizamuddin area of Delhi.

    In Lucknow too, there were all night bazaars during Ramzan. I never went to one, but have had food ordered and delivered. Mumbai has one too - I saw one when flying into the city, many years ago.

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    In general in the old city of Hyderabad, near charminar the activity all the time is very high. Even in normal days when we go there around 11 PM or 12 midnight also many people will be moving with some of the shop shutters still open.
    As you said in these festival days it may be throughout the night also. The rates in that area are very less when compared to other areas of the city. We go many time there to purchase some items if we require in huge numbers.

    Probably here only all the small small shop keepers purchase the items and sell in other parts of the city.
    It is a practice not to sleep on the day of Shivaratri. In East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh there is a village called Mummidivaram. In this village they celebrate Shivaratri very grand. On that day whole night many of them wont sleep. People will be roaming on the roads and many of the shops will be in open condition expecting a good business. The same thing will be repeated on the village Goddess festival. That village is very famous for Shivaratri festival

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    By sharing the information on Mummadivaram Dr Rao has reminded me to share that even Tirumala hills is agog with activities the whole night every day.
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