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    Avoiding duplicating threads has been well countered by webmaster. Thanks Tony.

    Since two days whenever I raised new threads it is duplicating and appends in the form as two threads and that looks awkward too. I was about to suggest to look into this matter but just now I raised a thread and that also happened to duplicate itself. However in the next page the message appeared as the duplicate thread was not saved and I could not see the duplicate thread in the forum front page. Thanks a lot to our webmaster Tony who has been constantly monitoring the problems and addressing and fixing it immediately.
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    This duplication may not be happening every time. So far I have not noticed it. However you have noticed the same and now it is rectified also by the Web Master. It is good that problem is solved very early without taking much time. It indicates that the management of this site is always working hard to make it user friendly. I have so far had no problem in this site. Very well maintained and very proactive. One should appreciate all the responsible team for this.
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    This usually happens when the server takes longer time than expected or usual.

    It happened to me many a times especially in Ask Expert section. Sometimes both contents get deleted and if the editors detect duplicate post, then CC are not awarded. That's the sad thing. It's not from our end but it's the glitch itself in the site. I guess.

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    Mohan, I also experienced one such incident in the last two days. One of my threads got deleted. However I thought it might be some mistake from my end like slow connectivity etc. I could notice the duplication just by chance when I was glancing the forum index page. I immediately alerted site officials by a message via 'contact us'. Luckily before any one could respond, the thread got deleted.

    About the auto alert system, I had mentioned in a response in another thread. That alert is is thus quite useful.

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