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    Do you feel sorry for that Mr. L.K.Advani lost his last opportunity to reach top position?

    Mr. L.K. Advani in politics is considered to be an unlucky person who has unable to succeed in his life long ambition of either becoming PM or President of the country? Luck has eluded through out his life in becoming PM in the past when he is at the helm of politics and and he had a chance to become a President of the country at present. After 2014 elections win by BJP, Mr. Modi requested his guru Mr. L.K. Advani to sit at least few minutes in his PM seat before he takes over his position. All the party members and workers of the party at that time thought that Mr. L.K. Advani will be made President of the country after Mr. Pranab's tenure is over. Some of his counter part leaders like Mr. Morarji Desai, Mr. Vajpayee, Mr. Chandrasekhar, Mr. Charan Singh, Mr. V.P. Singh, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao were able to succeed in full filling their ambition of becoming PM for the country. Irrespective of politics and their attachment to parties, members of all political parties and people of all walks of life feel pity for that Mr. L.K. Advani has not reached to the top position in his life time. What is your opinion folks?
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    You are right. A deserving candidate could not make it. Whom to blame? His luck or the BJP top leadership. He is good:to his party, but his party is not good to him. It is the fate written on his pate, not to be PM or President while his party is in power. The main problem is his nativity and his irrelevant speeches at times. He is good but not very good.
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    In the sky, there is only one sun and only one moon. Similarly, in the country, there is only one post of President and only one post of Prime Minister. So, 89 years old Advani, who has been instrumental to strengthen BJP uring nineties, is going to miss the bus. Very unfortunate, but inevitable.
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    I am also feeling sorry for the towering personality like Advani once wielding the BJP party and controlling the flocks has now become dormant and sulking. His past deeds either directly or indirectly involving in the Babri Masjid case has been taunting him and due to court cases his candidature cannot be considered for any post. Otherwise he is the fittest and able candidate for the post of President and every one would loved to have him. Moreover when PM Modi was named the Prime Ministerial candidate, he was the first person to oppose within the party citing Godhra case and thus earned the wrath of dissident inside the party and Modi has been keeping him away in every aspect, though we can spot both Advani and Modi in every function, Nevertheless this is the classic example of opportunities galore and yet luck plays the politics.
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    It is true. Actually Mr.Advani was instrumental in bringing BJP to the power and making Mr.Atal as Prime Minister. His campaign all over India at that time brought BJP into limelight. But unfortunately for him party opted Mr. Atal as PM who was the real deserving candidate over Mr.Advani.

    Again in 2014 BJP came to power. But this time youth dominated over seniors and brought in Mr. Modi. It is a news to me that Mr.Modi requested Mr.Advani to sit in PM's post atleast few minutes. In such case why he refused and why he objected Mr. Modi's candidature as PM are the questions in my mind.

    In between there was a rumor that Mr.Advani will be the President, the next. But Mr. Advani not agreed is what I heard. But the court case has opened up exactly the same time. Every one is mum about his candidature for presidentship.

    But surely a unlucky man who couldn't get his wish fulfilled. We can't say next time better luck to him.

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    Mr. L.K. Advani is not given a chance to become the president of India. It is very unfortunate and i feel he or some other general category can shuold have been given a chance i.e. Mr. Pranab da, Murali manohar Joshi, Sushma etc. People blaming BJP/ Modi for not doing so. But the realty is like this. Total no. of votes are 10.98 lakhs to win it requires more than 5.49 lakhs votes. BJP and its allies had only 5.38 lakhs votes, short by 11000 votes. How to manage these votes? It was a great challenge, so KCR, Nitish, Mayawati , Aiadmk and BJD put the condition to bring a Dalit candidate. It was the only way to get votes and win his candidate. Please try to understand the situation. That's why the potential candidates could not make it.
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    It's like a grandfather who sows the seeds of a mango tree and the sons and grandsons enjoy the fruits. L K Advani was instrumental with his vibrant approach to raise the strength of BJP from 2 to 200 and the saffron party got strengthened because of his Rath Yaatra. In fact it was a path finder for many like the roadshows by Sonia and others, also Padyatra by YSR and Chandra Babu Naidu which led them to raise to power. Unfortunately L K Advani's performance overshadowed by the next generation in the party and everyone thought that he would paid with proper 'Guru Dakshin'. But his image and that of Vajpai would long last in BJP as long as the party continues to exist.

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    It may seem sorry situation for L.K Advani when we talk about presidential election, but seeing how B.J.P is flourishing and prospering day by day and is at its zenith now its all due to contribution of many people but L.K Advani is among top contributors he is like " Bishma pitamah" of politics who could have all the reins in his hand but because he was busy building the base of party he never had those reins. And now neither his age allow him to be a presidential candidate nor the political conditions of this country.
    And no one ever forgot "Bishma pitamah " while talking about Mahabharta similarly no one can avoid importance of L.K Ad vani in the BJP and Indian politics.

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    We feel like this and the height of the Indian politics is that L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi and Sushma Swaraj were present at the time of filing nomination by Ramnath Kovind. Just we have to console ourselves that it was a kind gesture or behaviour in a matured way.

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