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    Can an Indian Captain demand a Coach to his liking in Cricket?

    One of the most talented, highly respectful and professional Cricketer Mr. Anil Kumble is acting as a Coach and mentor for Indian Cricket Team for the last one year. He is carrying his job perfectly and keeping Indian flag flying through the victories in the past one year. Indian skipper Mr.Kohli and senior team members opposing for the continuation of Mr.Kumble as a coach for the team. Is it wrong to be strict and maintaining discipline during training for the preparation of the team to the matches? Is BCCI is crossing its limits in giving upper hand to a Captain and depriving the opportunity of a talented Coach to guide Indian team? What is your opinion regarding this issue folks?
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    In India cricket is the big game and there is lots of prominence to that. Keeping that in view, the board, the players , the coach and the manager has to work with tandem to get best results out of boys. In that connection the captain must chose and demand a right coach for the team who must have the better understanding of the players. It is the fact that every player chosen is duty bound to play for the pride and prestige of the country, but a good coach by virtue of his past playing experience with different countries can give the best tips and the boys can get over the dilemma as to how to face the formidable opposition team. By the way when our team win or loose , even the manager and coach are blamed for the bad performance. Therefore a captain has the right to demand a good and performing coach so that prestige of the team kept in tact and going.
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    Coach is above Captain technically. Administratively Captain may be having a upper hand. Which 11 has to play in the game, whom to field where and how to get best out of the player on field are the basic responsibilities of Captain.
    A coach has to see that all the players are taking proper practice in the nets and getting their skills updated. He will advise them about the ways and means to overcome their weaknesses. A coach is a coach to captain also. I feel a coach is like a technical director whereas Captain is a production Director.
    So players refusing a person as a coach should not arise. But unfortunately it is happening in our country. But BCCI is making Captain as hero.
    I think this is the reason behind Mr. Dravid's refusal for the coach post of Indian team. He knows the mentality of these players probably.

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