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    If a cat closes its eyes, really what does it think?

    We have so many proverbs which were derived from the experience of our elders and we have many satirical quotes in our regional languages. One such one is - 'If a cat closes its eyes, does the world becomes dark?'

    My doubt is - Does really a cat thinks like that? Then what could be her thoughts? Why such quote came into existence? I was taught that such quotes are mentioned to prove someone's innocence. What is your take on this?
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    No human being knows what a cat thinks when it closes its eyes. So far no research has been done in this area.
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    In Telugu there is a proverb saying "Cat close it eyes and drinking milk ". The meaning of this proverb is, it think while it is drinking milk no one is seeing it by closing its eyes. This proverb is used to tell if some one is doing some mischief they think no one is seeing that like a cat.

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    By closing the eyes the cat goes with wrong impression that it is not being watched or the world has become dark. This is what the elders taught to us. And if you closely watch a cat, suddenly it goes to the slumber in sitting position and for us it is a moment to watch and cherish. The essence of this proverb is that, we are always under the feeling that when ever we attempt the wrong doing, no one is watching. But we must fear with our inner consciousness and inner thinking which always prohibits attempting bad things or bad moves. But circumstances in real life sometimes makes us to commit mistake against our wish and thus caught before law.
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    I would think it means that the cat pretends to see with its eyes closed. The cat thinks no one is watching it and is satisfied. The cat relishes the moment and is neither bothered about anyone else nor about the consequences. It is in its own world – a place of contentment.

    The cat's actions do not reflect any conscious change. It continues to be smug in its actions. So, there is definitely no scope for reflection.

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    This is a very well known proverb in Telugu. If somebody is doing a wrong thing thinking that he is doing it very secretly and nobody notices it, people say that it is like cat drinking milk by closing its eyes.

    Certain things in our body will follow certain course without our knowledge. when we sneeze our eyes will get automatically closed for a very little time. Many of us are even not aware of this. Same way probably the cat may close its eyes when drinking. It may be a natural phenomena. People use to interpret this as a foolish or unthoughtful act of Cat.

    Elders used this proverb to explain the children that even though you are doing mistakes thinking that nobody is observing you, the God is observing you and he will make you to pay the penalty. Cat thinks nobody watching it by closing the eyes, but somebody will observe and make it to run. You have to pay the penalty for sure for your ill acts.

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    What I have heard in explanation of the proverb is in line with Mohan and Dr.Rao. Some people have a self made belief that they are not observed by anyone and can get away with anything they want to do- illegal a/or immoral. However the reality is that there will be some witness though that may not come immediately.

    Cat is taken as examples for the dexterity, lack of loyalty and not hesitating to do wrong to those who nurtured it.

    The other sayings related to cat ( in English and/or in other languages ) have their core meaning as given below:

    However you throw, a cat falls on all four
    Cat has nine lives
    Cat prays , let all in the family become blind (so that it can steal milk)
    What is the place for a cat at goldsmithy.
    Cat's sleep( not getting deep sleep, but only small naps)
    Walks like a cat( walks without making any sound- intention to do something secret)
    Was like a cat, did n't imagine he/she could do that.( an otherwise usually quiet person doing something generally unwelcome )

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    Cats only have two modes: A ruthless assassin or a lazy slacker. When cats don't hunt, they think about hunting.
    Animals are driven by primal desires like food, mate, shelter etc..; So when they have free time, it's possible that they are pondering over their future. Cats are highly alert most of the times. So when they eventually close their eyes, it means that they are out of danger or torment.

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