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    New school template at

    Have you checked out the new template in our Schools section? I discovered it just now on visiting the section to post a school. It is very pleasant on the eyes, with good colours, images and an overall better placement of lists for search.

    Let's have your feedback.
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    Yes, the new school template does appear cool and the lists have been arranged and placed in a better and more friendly manner.
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    Thank you for the feedback. Please let us know comments from everyone. We are in the process of improving the design for all of our pages. You can expect a lot more in the coming weeks.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    I have also seen this and it is very attractive and appearing pleasant. If all the pages are redesigned, the entire look of the site will change. I am confident that the hard work by our Webmaster will yield very good results. Good going.
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    I never visited the School section but as the improvement is in process, I checked and found it to be excellent in school section.

    I am also hoping to see changes in members Dashboard template soon.

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    Wow, new school template looks really cool and colourfull. If the template of all sections is changed like this, the site will look more beautiful and colourfull. Hope template of all sections of isc will be changed soon.

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    Wow the new school templates look wonderful and understandable with the respective emblems of and thus ISC has made the right changes for the benefit of net users. Thanks Tony for constantly upgrading this site.
    K Mohan
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    But the search option not working in school section. I tried to found few schools by using search option. But it was showing no results found for every search. I think school section is not fully updated.

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    Just now I have noticed the same and found this much more easier and user friendly.

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    Yes, it is more user friendly now. Such improvements are welcome.

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