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    Ask Expert questions should be approved upon submission

    Dear ISCians,

    Ask Expert is a section where Expert members follow up the question because we all love to help others. On the contrary, not only AE answers are pending but even AE question takes minimum two days to three days to review and approve. Yes, that will certainly stop spammers to submit questions constantly.

    However, genuine members who submit questions In AE section are waiting for hours for approval.
    As an instance, if somebody who is in hurry having financial issues and wants to withdraw funds from some US based website but since his bank declines the transaction and he posted a question in AE section then I am pretty sure that person will starve and die of hunger. Just an example but the delay has put those people into considerable inconveniences.

    Please, review the question later but if review is mandatory then concerned reviewers must follow up.
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    I like to say, a person who is having a life and death problem should not keep quiet by putting a question and waiting for their response. Do you agree? . These questions should be to know various points regarding career, education and others.
    For any Organisation there will be a procedure to follow. The procedure is to be followed. Otherwise there will be questions from members. Editors has to follow a sequence and a procedure. They can't decide on their own and change the procedure.

    The members should give sufficient time to the Editors for review. Otherwise if somebody feels urgent for their question, they can raise a thread giving the reason for urgency. Then the Editors may do whatever best possible.

    These are my thoughts and if you feel I am wrong you can ignore my response Mr. John Deo

    always confident

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    Thanks for the prompt input.

    One of my question in AE section is pending. I am waiting for the approval of the question. I searched on Google but I couldn't find helpful answers in other forums in Quora, Yahoo! answer etc.

    I am a bit hurry Sir.

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    Your suggestion is not viable and all the AE questions and responses need to be reviewed first and moderated to avoid spam and copied contents. In lighter vein, why a person who is in urgency need to post a query in our AE and die here instead of fighting with the financial agency?

    We are taking care to clear at the earliest to the maximum possible extant but delay is bound to occur as those who are doing the editorial work on voluntary basis have to attend to their personal engagements too.


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    I do agree with the author that some urgent questions need to be answered but I fear that Ask Expert section is designed in such a way to elicit able and detailed response from the experts and for that time has to be required to give correct response. Always experts advise wont come easily and quickly. There are some pertinent problems in our life which cannot be posed in ask expert section for immediate redress, We have to give lead time for the members who are experts to respond. By the way not every one visits ask experts section daily to see for any important question to be answered forth with. Nevertheless you made a fervent appeal to which ISC ask experts editors must heed and try to clear the important questions as early as possible and let the first response be from the editor himself or herself to give the confidence that the thread has been attended.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree. Reviewing question and answers take time but don't you think that it is actually taking longer time than expected? There was a time when AE question gets approved in less than hour but now it seems like we have to wait for 24 hours. Oh... Not 24 but sometimes it takes Two to three days too.

    On the top of that, few answers submitted by me hasn't been reviewed yet. It's been two to three days from now but that's not a problem because I will get my cash credit sooner or later.

    There are not many questions in AE section (New submission) and there was a time when members were able to respond to unapproved AE questions. That has been removed now.

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    #601299, does that mean no one including Editors or Members are giving importance in AE section? Anyone can write an article or start a forum thread but giving suggestions, tutorials and guides to help people sort out his/ her query is difficult. I appreciate those members who contribute actively in AE section.

    Everyone has a primary job but if anyone has visited the AE section for review then that must had done.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    There is a lacuna in the system and that needs to be addressed. ISC has been around for years now; it is a professional site and growing by the day. To respond to every query with the same staid 'editors are volunteers' is a little unconvincing.

    Even a voluntary job comes with some responsibility. And the responsibility is more when you are a volunteer. You volunteer to do something, so it must be done with some dedication.

    There must be a system when someone else can pitch in. Only a few members of the editorial team have a limited portfolio, the rest are editors for multiple sections, including the editor who has posted a response here. Maybe, prioritising the sections that need the most attention can be a way to handle this issue. For, it is a problem. Yes, we can search other sites for answers, but is that the only solution?

    I had posted a question in the Ask Expert section and had needed a quick response. The review took days. Meanwhile, a member gauged the urgency and responded to my question through the message box.

    The sense of pride that people rely on the site for answers is missing. What is inadvertently being recommended to members is go elsewhere, find your answers somewhere else.

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    If you are trying to read my lines differently about the voluntary work of the Editors, then I too have to misquote your remarks about Editorial responsibility. The systems are well in place and the team is doing its best to clear the backlog whenever they go on increasing at the time of non-availability of the concerned Editors due to their personal obligations. If we go on criticizing for each and every small thing, the efforts would go futile and they would be demoralized. In fact such threads and responses repeatedly disturb the concentration and hamper the work. All the sections are important, for 'X' AE may be important , for 'Y' , article section may be priority and 'Z' who has no other business thinks Forum is important. So priorities differ from individual to individual.

    @John Deo: Please be patient and needful would be done in a couple of days. I am locking this thread.


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