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    Studying abroad is much cheaper than studying in India

    Is studying abroad actually a cheaper option? Does the donation system prevalent in management colleges make studies in India an expensive affair? At a time when more number of students are opting for foreign universities for doing their higher studies in professional courses, do you think the donation system has a role to play? Let us discuss our 'study abroad' topic in a new perspective.

    Studying in India, especially for professional courses, is very costly and expensive than other countries because there is no donation system for higher education in foreign universities.

    For example, in India, you need to pay a donation for medical admission in a private or aided institution and donation is not as low as the fees of the college. There is almost a fixed rate for different courses like for MBBS- 50 to 60 lakhs, for BDS - 25 to 30 lakhs, for BAMS - 35 to 40 lakhs etc. But there is no such donation system for doing courses abroad. You need to pay the fees only (including expenses other than personal). It is also easier to take admission there unlike in India where there are so many procedures involved.

    I agree that institutes run by managements might have to take some donation for running the colleges but the amount should not be so high and a limit need to be fixed.

    What is your opinion?
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    Never heard about donation system. This is the first time I have learn about study abroad is better than studying in India. Along with donation, if the donations are made mandatory by the government or colleges or universities then most people won't prefer pursuing higher studies in professional courses in India.

    A lakh Rupees donations is also beyond the budget of poor in this current economy. I somehow agree with you. If donations, in addition to fees are included in one's studies then it is just better to out in for study in abroad to save hard earned monies of the parents.

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    There are other factors that you are not taking into account -

    1. Not all colleges abroad are of a good standard - only a few make it to the list of top ranking colleges
    2. Studying abroad involves a lot of effort - there are tests to be cleared, essays and applications to be written and interviews to attend, before you get admission - and then there is the Visa, which you might and might not get
    3. Every application costs money, as do the tests and the VISA costs money too
    4. The cost of living abroad is high - you have to maintain a certain living standard and perhaps need an all new wardrobe
    5. Some colleges and universities are very cheap, but then you cannot vouch for their standard
    6. Students can work part time and study, but imagine studying for an MBBS degree and working for a couple of dollars an hour, asking patrons, whether they'd like some extra cheese and fries

    At the end of the day, you should be able to meet all the expenses to be able to study abroad or eligible to secure a loan.

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    I am not in line with the author's thoughts. There are very good colleges, Institutes, Universities in India. The education is very cheap if you are getting your seat with your merit. Donations are only for those candidates who are not able to get seat in merit list. The person who couldn't get a seat in merit basis has to think of donation. But getting a seat in foreign country where education is cheap is very difficult. I know many doctors who spent crores of rupees to get their MBBS degree by going to Russian countries. But one advantage is there are many avenues in foreign countries for the students to earn while they learn. In India those chances are less as the population is high. Another problem in India is reservations. Because of this policy some good students are not able to get seats. But for them getting a seat in other countries also is very difficult.
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    Yes there are offers from the International Universities citing lesser fees for the Medical stream to grab the attention of Indian students. My self getting many offers from abroad as my daughter is aspiring for MBBS seat through NEET. It is now made clear that though the fees offered were less and even affordable, those degrees and citations are not valid as per the MCI. Even if some one obtains degree from those countries, they cannot use the title of the doctor and thus they have to undergo the exam conducted by Medical Council of India and prove their ability once again. That means the exercise of studying abroad gone waste. Now that the Medical entrance has been regularized with central intervention, the seats are going to be allotted on rank basis and that would have the concessions too and that implies that even in India the Medical studies are going to be affordable.
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    #Juana almost all colleges of foreign
    universities are good
    In India only 50 government colleges
    In which about 53% seat is reserve for SC and ST only 90000 seat are vacant and in which about 46-47000 seat reserve for SC and ST candidate and there is no any test and any entrance to take admission in foreign university only a interview is co ducted by them.
    #DR. N.V.SRINAVASA RAO Sir there is only some colleges which is selected by the students in India there are so many colleges but all are not good and not provide the same faculty as a top college.
    #K Mohan sir who told you that foreign degree are not valid in India if you are citizen of India and you complete your MBBS degrees in foreign. Then when you come to India for practice then you have to clear a exam which is conducted by MCI
    IF YOU clear the examination then mci give the approval letter to you and you are able to practice in India also

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    1. No, only a few foreign universities are good. The best universities do not advertise, nor participate in Education Fairs. They do not need to. It is only the mediocre universities that want to establish themselves that woo students with huge scholarship offers.
    2. Admission into a foreign university is based on many things. You are mistaken if you think only an interview can get you an admission. I will doubt the credibility of an institution that grants admission based on just an interview.
    • You need to have a certain CGPA to be considered
    • You need to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • You need to write an essay
    • You need to answer questions on career goals and more
    • You need to clear interviews, usually multiple interviews
    • You need to get suitable recommendation letters
    • You need to show proof of how your education and stay will be funded before an unconditional offer is made to you
    • You need to clear IELTS or TOEFL
    • You need to get a good GMAT, GRE or SAT score
    • You need to clear the Visa process
    3. Government run institutions in India offer the best education at the cheapest fee. But, only the best make it to these universities.

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    You cant say that its cheaper abroad because see lets take example of developing and a developed country . India is a developing country and it has its own problems regarding the development. while in a developed country its easy for them to provide with a high facility.
    There are good colleges in India which provides good facilities for the children and which make them high fliers of the world.

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    I cannot say the study in abroad is cheaper than India but valid more. You need not to donate Indian universities if you are a merit student. Few institutions have their set of standards and demand for donations where a common student cannot able to get admission.
    If you plan to pursue higher education courses in abroad, then you need to appear all tests as you are an international student. If you do you the higher education in abroad you will have more opportunities than one who does his/her course in Indian universities.

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