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    Look before you leap.

    This is a very famous proverb. The meaning of the proverb is be cautious in your acts. When you are jumping in to a water pond you should have an idea of depth of the pond. Otherwise you will be lost. Similarly when you want to jump over a fencing you should have an idea about the height of the fence. Otherwise you will be left with an injury, minor or major. So one should be careful.

    When you have to take a decision you should not do it in haste. You have to use your judgement and assess all possible consequences and make a plan to overcome. Then your success is almost certain. Otherwise the whole mission will get lost in the process. Think twice before you act.

    But many people wanted everything to be fast and immediate. Some times this is required. But always you should take calculated risks only.
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    Look before you leap is the wonderful proverb and that can be interpreted and taken in meaning forms. One has to plan well before taking any risky decision. For example when you are about to take long journey and that would lasts many days , it is imperative to have right bookings of train , air or bus tickets, accommodation has to be secured, on ward journey must commensurate with our reaching the sojourn destination. And how the climate will be in that place and taking care of our dresses is also part of such meticulous planning. Once I had read a joke that a family has the compulsion to perform the marriage of their daughter at a unknown place out of demand from the groom side and in the urgency they have taken everything with them but forget to take the Mangalsutra which is important to tie on the bride. So Look before leap is the lesson to all of us.
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    Planning is immensely important. Plan before you act. But to plan, you need some knowledge or facts about the thing you are jumping in. So collect facts before you act. Now plan your strategy. Now execute your strategy with utmost determination and concentration.
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