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    Please be open to suggestions

    To have your say, and not let the other person respond, is rude. To look at everything as criticism is worse. I have to raise a new thread because of a locked thread.
    1. I wasn't reading between lines – I voiced my opinion on what had been said. It wasn't a criticism; rather a remark on how voluntary work is actually carried out and maybe a change is needed in ISC after so many years. Change, after all, is the only constant – and it was suggested for the better, not as criticism. Don't we want ISC to improve?
    2. The system might be in place for you, but the end users are the ones who are affected. I spoke of prioritising things, to make ISC more user-friendly. Yes, members must be patient, and wait for a couple of days – but is that the only solution you can give them?
    3. Members raise a thread/respond when they find an issue – please look at suggestions with an open mind. People are not as devious as you make them out to be. You need to have an open mind. It has become routine practice to look at anything I say, as criticism.
    4. I'll respond to the XYZ – as I pointed out prioritising can help. The AE section could mean life and death to someone. Let's not ridicule or take it lightly. When one is looking for answers, every little input helps. Z might think Forum is important, but Z can be told to look at the AE section as a priority if Z is also an AE editor. I don't see anything wrong in that. That is how prioritising can work and make it a better experience for users.
    5. Lastly, my humble request to you to please stop seeing everything I say with a negative eye. There was no criticism in my response. I put into words how feeble the 'voluntary workers' excuse looks, after so many years. You shouldn't be scared of ideas, You should be open to them, and see how they can be best implemented or be courteous in responding how they aren't feasible.
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    First of appreciation Juana for coming out with this appeal. I am totally supporting her views expressed herein. We are all in a family and ISC editors should also give that credence to us. In a family all will not be same. Some are egoistic, some are selfish, some are self centered and some are dull and wont open up. Same is the case with ISC too. Those who are vocal and have the guts to bring in issues are sidelined and pushed to back and explanations are given in such a way that the actual voice raised by the whistle blower was never addressed. ISC must listen to us and our suggestions for the benefit of all. And by the way some advise for members too. When they cannot create a thread, they have no right to criticize a post and it is better they keep out of them. By interfering with baseless response we are creating a situation of confrontation.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    "and 'Z' who has no other business thinks Forum is important"-This is the response of an Editor in the locked thread. I am stunned! Who/What is being ridiculed here?-Active Forum contributors or ISC?
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Sure I welcome this thread and the responses with an open mind. As regards the thread that was locked because it should be, to avoid further responses which deviate the topic under discussion as happened in similar threads.

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    I concur the response from Partha. An editor should think twice or thrice before writing a response here. An irresponsible editor with irrelevant response. I too was stunned. I condemn the editor's comment.

    Does he mean forum active members are jobless without any business? Very bad Mr Patro.

    The editor should seek an apology from the Forum ISCian.

    No life without Sun

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    I went to the thread which is locked and mentioned by author. I felt, the said editor is missing his own message- "Discussions in an open forum should be taken in right spirit and you can't thrust your opinion on others". I can understand, its very easy to tell others but difficult to do the same,

    Nevertheless, what I noticed was "the art of conclusion" missing. I have gone through the article section where the same editors does the conclusion beautifully but I failed to understand why they can't do the same when closing or locking a thread or post in forum. There always some provocative message while locking a post for whom? Their own members?

    "Bulldozer", Naam to Suna Hi Hoga (You would have heard this name)

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    Here we are all trying to take a stand of our own as correct. Always there will be problems both the sides. One should go into the shoes of the opposite man and see his point of view. If really I have a problem regarding finance I will never wait by posting a question in this site. I will run to a financial adviser or a consultant and see that my problem is solved. This is one angle of looking at the issue.
    Another angle is if there is an urgent question Editors can use their reasoning , review it at the earliest possible. But here the problem again is if the editor approves today's question and keeps yesterday's question pending, that will be an issue to that author.
    What I feel is we should not hurt others feelings too much.
    All seniors and learned people may take my answer in right spirit and if anybody feels that my answer is not online with their thoughts they can ignore this post.

    always confident

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    Questions posted in Ask Expert section should not be subjected to any review or approval by editors. All questions should be approved then and there. Irrelevant questions not in line with ISC guidelines should be deleted then and there. It shouldn't matter if it takes more time for the experts to answer the question. There should be no interference by the editors in the AE section.
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