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    When is your yearly fair?

    We have an yearly fair at this time of the year. It usually starts a few days before 'Dusshera' and ends at 'Diwali' which will be held on 23rd of October this year. Unfortunately, this year, it has started earlier than expected. Everybody buys warm clothes and clothes for an entire year at this time, because after Diwali, temperature start dropping suddenly, and there is no way people will be able to go for shopping. It gets colder and colder. I usually buy clothes at this time because they are cheaper and my friend's mother also help me to get a good bargain.

    We are at a considerable height in mountainous area. Some parts look beautiful, but in winter mornings, there would be a lot of fog which blocks the vision. The roads would become dirty and it is dangerous to walk on the edge side at such times. So people prefer to stay indoors and move out only for work or other urgent requirements.

    When is your yearly fair? Let us share our experiences.
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    This is the new information for us. As far as I know there is no Yearly fair as mentioned by the author elsewhere in the country. We do have some melas and big gatherings during which products and services are put for sale and the people would enjoy even games. Probably your region being cold and vulnerable to natural calamities, such fairs are held every year to facilitate people to buy things before hand. Nevertheless it is a good idea to get the things at cheaper and affordable rates and buying for the future. Hope such fairs are conducted in all the states so that people are immensely benefited.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't know that yearly fair concept. I know some festivals like Dussehra,Sri Rama Navami and Vinayakachavithi are celebrated for9 days in many places of India. Those nine days lot of activity will be there around. So many shops for children playing items, sweets, other items like ready made garments will be doing the business there. There will be many playing items like merry go round . Children enjoy these fares. They will spend more time there. In some villages they perform village Goddess festival with lot of activity. It will also go for about 10 days. The celebrations will be almost similar. Here we won't get anything at low prices. Nothing can be purchased for our yearly use.
    The yearly fair concept sounds good and it is good that items can be purchased at lower rates and can be used through out the year. But it is new to me,

    always confident

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