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    Can a performing government demand for a vote or threaten voters not to use its facilities ?

    For the first time we could see jittery and uneasiness on the face of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu who lost his cool and instead said something which became a big topic for discussion. While speaking at a function he asked the voters to vote for his party in the coming election. Why he said this because the constituency belongs to the opposition party and the government is spending on the welfare of the people who voted for other party. He now demanded that this time either they vote for his party TDP and shy away from using or benefiting from the government offered schemes. How you interpret this new kind of threat to the voters ?
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    Mr Mohan, I sincerely doubt that a seasoned politician like Chandrababu Naidu would be so foolish to make such a statement. He might have said so between words and in a particular context but I surely don't think he would make such a direct statement. It is possible that the media has picked up a few words and created a script for the sake of controversy.
    So, kindly shed more light on the topic instead of being precise to the requirement which is basically a business tactic played by the media.

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    Mr. Chandra Babu is a very shrewd politician and very gentle in his words. Generally he will never slip his tongue. He understands the feelings of the people and act accordingly. So far I never heard getting upset in the interviews also. Probably he has not told these words directly. But the media might have made some additions and deletions and edit his remarks. Now a days this kind of activities are becoming very common in media. Otherwise some people might have created a confusion and changed the words. He will be definitely very careful when he is talking in a public meeting? Now it will become another point to Jagan's congress for unnecessarily criticising Mr.Naidu.
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    He said that statement and hence I shared. Now do not discuss here out of context and derail the thread.
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    Chandrababu Naidu is a seasoned politician and a matured leader. Though the constituency where some developmental programmes were undertaken belongs to opposition party (YSR Congress, I suppose) as mentioned by you in this thread, it is good that the ruling party has not neglected it. Then what is wrong in asking them to vote for his party in the next election based on his performance in the constituency? After all he has to take care of his party also where it is lagging. It is true that he should not have said like that being a Chief Minister but politics do play when it comes to reality.

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