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    do Isc create an adsense account if I post university question papers

    I am new on isc
    I added a question paper and I got credit for it.
    But I had read that if I add question papers to isc then I may get to create an adsense account.
    Can you tell me what actually is it like.
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    Hello Vipul Bhandari, you can't get Google Adsense account by just posting question papers in ISC. To get Adsense account you need to meet atleast 5 out of the 6 requirements:

    1. Your Profile should be updated with Address.
    2. You should have Minimum 10 articles approved:
    3. You have to achieve GOLD Level.
    4. You have to Receive atleast 1 prize.
    5. You have to be active in ISC for 6 months.
    6. Your Profile photo should be uploaded and verified.

    If you satisfy any 5 of these 6 requirements you will be eligible to apply for Adsense account and can apply for it.

    To check whether you meet these requirements or not, go to your dashboard and then under revenue settings, open Adsense profile page.


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    You have recently joined as the new member and wont worry about the adsense as of now. Our member Naveen shared the requirement to be met to have adsense in this site. Concentrate on contents as of now and sharing, we shall guide you as soon as you reach the threshold for applying to adsense. Meanwhile participate in all the sections of this site, post jobs, discuss issues and express your responses in this forum. Create some good articles on any subject on your own and submit in the article section and also participate in the ask experts section. So by doing so, you will reach the targets and also get good confidence to make contents.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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