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    Did I encounter a ghost?

    I went to bed early last night, feeling unusually fatigued, while my husband sat in the library, reading. The bedroom was dark, and I, usually a light sleeper didn't hear my husband open the door to come in. But, I felt a movement in bed and felt him lying beside me. After a while, I turned, to find the bed was empty. I thought I must have been dreaming. He was still reading, as I saw the light from the library, lighting up the area outside the bedroom, through under the bedroom door.

    I dozed off again, only to get the same feeling of someone lying beside me. I turned and again nothing. I slept once again and woke up to someone hugging me tightly, squeezing the life out of me. I could see a dark figure over me. I tried to move, to push, but couldn't. I tried to scream, but couldn't. And then the feeling faded away, but I still couldn't move or scream. I once again felt movement on the bed and saw a dark figure get out of my bed, cross the foot of the bed and walk towards the bedroom door. I tried turning my head to follow the figure, but I couldn't move.

    I don't know how long I lay in bed. The AC was on, but I was sweating, profusely. After, what seems ages I got out of bed, my night clothes drenched in sweat, my hair wet and sticking to my scalp and I walked to the library, to my husband. I had goose bumps all over me, and I was suddenly very cold. He asked what happened and I could see the concern on his face. I told him I had probably encountered a ghost.

    I have spent most of the morning trying to figure out what happened to me, last night. I have read through articles on the net and in the encyclopaedia and come to the conclusion that it wasn't a ghost - I went through something called Sleep Paralysis. So, if you encounter a similar paranormal feeling, don't panic.

    Have any of you experienced something similar?
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    Ms. Juana, you have written your experience very nicely. But you believe it or not, 2 or 3 months back one day night I encountered this similar situation. I was feeling that a heavy weight was sitting on me, Somebody was trying to kill me by squeezing the neck. I want to shout but I couldn't. My wife was sleeping beside. I was trying to call her but my voice was not coming out. I felt this inconvenience for about 10 to 15 minutes. After than my body has become normal. I got up and had some water then went back to bed. Next day when I discussed about this feeling with my colleagues, one colleague told me that it may be a sleeping disorder known as Sleep Paralysis.
    With this post you are confirming the statement of my friend. A different experience

    always confident

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    I know this feeling. It has happened to me about 3-4 times. I think, one has these kind of nightmares when he/she goes to bed stressed about something. When it first happened to me, I was petrified; a ghostly figure was trying to choke me to death. It felt awfully real. When I woke up, my heart was racing and my body was covered in sweat. When it happened again, I knew it was not real but it was as bit as scary as the first time.
    From my experience, if it happens to you on a regular basis, you should not go to bed when you are tensed about something. Firstly, get relaxed, lighten up your mood and then try to sleep.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    In this modern era no one would give credence to the existence of ghost or other living things which are nothing but illusions and our thought on it during previous day. Our mind sometimes always revolve around something which bothers us and unless and until we get the solution the scenes keep on appear, This is also of the same case. We may not believe the ghost but those who have gone through the experience would certainly believe that they have seen something which they cannot able to explain properly. My advise, please avoid that room and sleep in another room for a change and relax.
    K Mohan
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    Sleep paralysis is harmless.
    This occurs when your brain and body are not in same frequency during sleep
    During REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which is just before waking) dreaming is frequent, but your muscles are relaxed to the point of paralysis to keep you from acting out of your dream. Two chemicals glycine and GABA are responsible for this paralysis.
    You are mentally "awake" but physically paralyzed. At this stage you will have terrifying experience as you realize that you can't move or speak.
    People believing in supernatural powers are more likely to feel such type of experiences.
    People with analytical thinking style are less likely.

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    The author has shared her experience in a dramatic fashion. Great to read. However, I feel this is nothing but sleep paralysis, whcih happens to all. Sometime it is caused due to fluctuation of temperature in the airconditioned room.
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    When I first encountered such situation I felt a heavy weight placed above my chest I was unable to move I felt like someone is just pushing that weight more deeper and deeper to suffocate me. I was crying loud and calling my mother in the next room the feeling was very real but few minutes later that feeling went away, and I asked my mother next day why she didn't came to help me when I experienced a near death experience, She than told me that its quite normal and it happens sometime that we feel that we are shouting out loudly but in reality its just murmuring and no one is really able to hear it unless they are very near us.
    That was the first and last time I ever had such experience and that was awful.

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    Sleep paralysis, first time I am hearing though I have experienced the situation many times. It so happened that such occurrences happened when I spent some time in a forest at Jagdalpur once and similar situations at seashore in afternoons. I was told that there would be some ill-affects on us if we roam during afternoon in such places. Of course, I didn't believe but it makes me little frightened.

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    The spirit world is real and visible through some manifestations such as the 'sleep paralysis'. For me the first one was quite scary, with a dark form with fangs getting close and trying for my throat, and I yelled out the name Jesus and immediately woke up. Found out I woke up the whole household. This was just about the time I was going into full time in the ministry. Over the next couple of incidents, I figured when I just call upon Jesus, the thing vanishes in a hurry, and I feel fine. Then I enjoyed the next few situations because I remembered the appropriate antidote, and then it never came around again for years.

    Similar incidents are reported often by a friend who works in Uganda, where the affected person states that they actually feel and see dead body in the bed with them, and other strange things. Apparently the spiritual and physical world merging is more visible than here.

    In any case whether one thinks it is a spiritual attack or not, the main thing is to not to fear. It is better to develop confidence/faith in those things which are true and skip out on fear-mongering which is abounding everywhere and in many aspects of our lives. One can always call on Jesus to be with us since he is known to have done several manifestations of deliverance and gives/teaches us the same. The Bible has so many descriptions of angels and demons throughout, with the angels being supportive of us while demons working against us, with the emphasis on looking to God and not to the fear-inducing aspects of anything. One can always ask the Lord about the incident, whether it was real, a warning, or something to shrug off, or whatever. Jesus does answer when we ask and stop long enough to hear what he says to our question. It is better to do something like this than to ignore and go through another hair-raising session.

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    Honestly surprised to see so many of you have had similar experiences. I didn't realise it was so common – though I knew there had to be a logical explanation of what happened.
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    You said you were extremely fatigued right. There lies the answer. You needed sleep desperately. Our brain is amazing. It tricks us in believing things. I never had such experience.
    I don't think you had encountered a ghost or you had sleep paralysis. Because people go numb in sleep paralysis but you on other hand were fully conscious. You know what? Curiosity kills fear. Be curious and investigate further.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I have also encountered such experiences and have woken up shocked and confused. There may be many reasons behind such experiences and the best way out, as suggested by many, is to overcome the fear. And, I have been told that it is better to get medical aid if we encounter such experience quite often.

    In this connection, I would like to narrate two incidents which are relevant in the context though not directly related. It is something like a 'believe it or not' story but I experienced it and still do not have any explanation for the same. In the first incident, at around midnight, I felt like an electric current was being passed through my body and woke up in shock. It took me some time to become normal. I received intimation the next day that my brother-in-law's grandfather expired at about the same time I experienced the feeling. It need to be mentioned that he used to like me a lot. The second incident happened when I was on duty in a high range. I was coming out of my room at around eight o'clock in the night and saw a big owl (quite bigger than a King Owl) sitting on the trunk of a tree in front of my room. I was petrified but somehow managed to move on to my colleague's room. I received a phone call the same night saying that my father-in-law died at about the same time. These may be coincidences or whatever but 'how' and 'why' are questions for which I am still searching the answers. Might be, as Neeraj has said in his response, it has got something to do with my belief in paranormal activities, but still!?

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    Fear, there is none - and I don't believe in paranormal activities. But, like you, what happened to me occurred at midnight. The grandfather clock in the hall struck twelve, as I walked out of my bedroom.

    And, I too have experienced many abnormal things, for which there is no explanation.

    I was expecting our second baby and we'd just had a cassette player installed in our car - this was before the CD era. I went up to our apartment to bring a few cassettes to play. I inserted a cassette with Holy songs. And the song that played went like this - "This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through..."

    During the same pregnancy, we'd visit the MH and take the Ring Road instead of returning home via smaller roads. One day, while waiting at the traffic signal, at a four road junction, I wondered aloud where the road, right in front of us led. My husband responded we'll take it one day.

    I lost my baby soon after birth...the Holy song came true, and we took the road, as it led to the Brar Square Cemetery, in Delhi.

    And what happened the night we lost our child cannot be explained. It was a cold November night, and my husband sat in the car with our 4-year-old daughter. Our newborn was in the Neonatal ICU and I was in a critical state, because of some botch up done by the staff. Keeping a 4-year-old occupied is difficult, and my husband tried to distract her by twiddling the FM stations, in the hope that maybe something she liked would play. The system stopped at triple six. Now, in my faith, this is the number of the devil. Never before and never after did the music system in our car catch a station with a triple six.

    Just then a nurse knocked on his window and asked him to come in. He entered the corridor that led to the ICU and found a black cat sitting there. It wouldn't budge, no matter how much he tried shooing it away. It just kept staring at him. He reached the ICU to be told the baby didn't make it - a normal healthy baby, without any congenital defects, didn't make it - it was unbelievable.

    When I was in the labour room, my husband kept our four-year-old busy with crayons and paper. She decided to make me a card. She drew a family pic - and refused to draw a family of four. She drew only three of us, no matter how much my husband coaxed her to add the baby.

    There were a lot of other things that happened during this period, which have no explanation. Like my brother wanting to gift me a bunk bed, since I would soon have another child. We went to the store, liked a piece, placed the order, he was about to make the payment when an employee of the store came in and said that piece was already sold. We didn't get another bunk bed.

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    Juana, my eyes welled up with tears. Even though it is so many years back, feel deeply sorry for the loss of your baby. A compassionate hug from me to you.....
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Juana at #601484, I had a lump in my throat! The whole narrative is full of life and took me closer to the supernatural power. I now believe more in paranormal activities! We may brush away the connected chain of events as mere coincidence but how did it occur? May I, just out of curiosity, ask you one thing? Did you try to find any connection between the day, date or time when you encountered the sleep paralysis and the one on which you lost your baby? Any connection, even if it is distant?

    Sorry if I am deviating from the thread, but I could not control the urge to clear a doubt.

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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    Thank you. Yes, the pain never goes away. There is always why? What if? And so many other questions.


    I don't see any connection between the two incidents, but the one thing that clearly stands out is a young Army wife, I met during my prenatal check-ups. She had a problematic pregnancy and was in the hospital, under observation, for most of her pregnancy. Her mother was very sweet to me and was usually waiting with something for me to eat when I'd be at the hospital for my prenatal check-ups.

    A few weeks before I delivered, I met her mother at the hospital and she made a very strange remark – "Aap abhi bhi pregnant ho", which translated means 'you are still pregnant'. I found it weird because she knew when I was due, and this was not a question that people ask. She looked visibly anxious. I always wonder why she asked me that and why she seemed so vexed. Believe it or not, she ignored me when I met her again, post my traumatic delivery. She didn't even respond to my smile. She just walked straight past me. One of my friends suggested that this woman probably had something to do with what happened. I'll never know…

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    Really sorry to know about the traumatic experience and reading about all those inexplicable incidents. These premonitions are usually experienced by an anxious mother.
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    Very sorry to read the real life story of the author. I am not able to post a lengthy message here as some ghost obstructs my response. This is my seventh attempt to upload a response.

    @ update: Oh I am successful in uploading this short message. Thanks to the ghost.

    No life without Sun

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    When a person undergoes sleep paralysis, he/she will be completely immobilized.But the author was able to move and walk right.I think that somewhere in her sleep author had came across a nightmare.Its impact made her feel so.

    Similar events occur in my life too.Deep in my sleep I felt as if someone is holding me and I even turned breathless.I think its a common thing and its perfectly fine.

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    The Hand of God – Have you witnessed it? Have you ever been close to death? My responses above depict pain and sadness and something sinister. However, that day I also witnessed the Hand of God.

    I had delivered my baby at 11:40 in the morning. All seemed normal – the babies first cry, the glimpse of a wailing, beautiful, healthy, 8lb baby. I was happy but felt uneasy. The nursing officers and a few under trainees were discussing Sachin Tendulkar's innings, the previous night. I told the senior nurse that something wasn't right. I wasn't feeling too good. She responded that it was normal since I had just had the baby, such weakness is understandable, but I was growing numb, my lips were cold and I was having severe palpitations. I knew something was not right.

    A few minutes after our conversation a doctor walked into the labour room. He stood some distance from me – he was probably on routine rounds, he signed the register and was on his way out, probably for lunch. Deliveries at these hospitals are handled by nurses the docs come in only during an emergency. I watched him walk towards the labour room door, as I kept saying my silent prayers – when he suddenly halted, retraced his steps, coming towards me and asked the nurse, "why is she so pale?" The nurse had left my side and was walking towards him, responded, "Sir, she just delivered." He strode past her and checked on me – and shouted, "She's haemorrhaging." The nurse had made an incision, which she hadn't sutured, and I was losing blood - I had already lost a lot of blood by then. I was beginning to feel the life draining out of me.

    I remember the doctor saying to me "ma'am this will hurt", as he cut through the sutures and adjoining flesh, without administering local anaesthesia, to reach the spot that was haemorrhaging. He worked with an urgency that conveyed the seriousness of my condition.

    I must have slipped into unconsciousness because when I came to, I was surrounded by many doctors. I could hear voices saying, she's sinking; blood pressure dropping, pulse dropping, we're losing her…5 ml…and jabs as they injected life-saving drugs into me. I had various things being administered to me, intravenously - blood was one.

    In my mind, I was thinking I cannot be dying. I have to fight this, survive, for my children and husband. I tried staying awake, taking note of everything that was happening around me. I looked at a doctor and told him he resembled my brother – and I heard someone say, she's hallucinating. I knew I was not. With so many doctors surrounding me and the flurry of activity, I was certain that something was seriously wrong. I prayed for my recovery and felt calm within. Not once did I panic.

    Meanwhile, I was oblivious to how the world had turned topsy-turvy for my husband outside. The nurses had missed performing a routine procedure on our baby, of clearing the respiratory tract of the amniotic fluids. The same had entered her lungs and she was in a critical state. The baby had been ignored because of what they had done to me.

    My husband was not receiving answers to what was wrong with me. I had been in the labour room for many hours now, longer than usual.

    I heard the bell clanging, the same way my husband would ring the bell when he got home from work. I heard banging on the labour room door and then I heard my husband's voice. He was angry, I could hear him shouting. Suddenly, the senior most doctor said to let him in. My husband with our 4-year-old in tow came to me, in the labour room. He asked how I was. No one would tell me what was wrong. I can't recall him leaving my side, but suddenly, there were only doctors around me. I must have fainted again.

    The bell rang again and once again my husband and daughter were allowed in. This time there were senior nursing staffs around as well. I asked my husband for some Coke, the nurses gawked, the doctor said to give me what I want. I had two Thums Up bottles, on the labour table.

    The next time I came to my senses I was in another room – the annexe to the labour room. Now there were familiar faces around me. The hospital had made two separate signals to my husband's unit, mentioning my baby's and my condition. And friends had dropped in to be with my husband.

    There was divine intervention in what happened that day. Each time I regained consciousness I'd begin praying. Had that doctor not retraced his steps, to examine me physically, I would probably not have survived. The nurse was trying to amend the botch up that she had done on me, but she wasn't being successful, and it cost us our baby.

    We didn't pursue the matter because the medical negligence was not wilful. The hospital took some action against the nursing officer. It was only around 2:00 the next morning, when I insisted on seeing my baby, was I told she had left us.

    I don't wish the trauma that I've been through on anyone. I couldn't mourn my child's loss because I had to be strong for my daughter and husband.

    I also had to share these parallel events which took place that day, because not everything that happened to us was evil.

    I have had many near death experiences that it is almost unbelievable. From head-on collisions with a truck and two buses, in separate incidents, on the National Highway to walking into a locked house filled with gas caused by an LPG leak, to heavy asbestos sheets falling on our bed, from a height and missing us by seconds, to waking up to a scorpion on the wall, inches away from where I lay. I know someone steps in and saves me/us each time – and I know it is the Hand of God.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    While reading the post I felt like reading a chilling horror story. Such things happen in life and and can be attributed to some dream like thing while dozing or sleeping and things coming out of subconscious mind.

    No one will believe these things until unless one has experienced it or something similar himself. Most of such illusions or delusions take place in dark environment where our faculties are already in a cautious or fearful state.

    Anyway tha narration was well composed and in style and it made me to recollect some stories by Edgar Alan Poe which I had read a long time ago.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This thread has taken a serious turn from encountering a ghost to the hand of God. Though it is interesting to read the personal pitiable story of an individual, it is not appropriate to deviate from the thread title or summary relating to ghost. How did God enter into this thread while the ghosts are present here? Are we at sea?
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    You don't see the connection because you probably have not read through the whole response.

    I don't want further discussion on this. Editors may lock the thread.

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    First you post a joking response in #601508. There is a time and place for jokes. This was not it.
    Then you question about why God was brought in. If you did not understand God's role in the ghostly and unusual incidents, then you should simply have refrained from commenting.

    Since the discussion on the topic has gone far enough, locking this thread now.

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