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    My daughter scored 464 in NEET with 96.16 percentile. All India rank of 41,388.

    After much delay due to court cases, the NEET finally announced the result this morning and my daughter has scored 464 in general category with percentile of 96.16 percent and securing the all India rank of 41388. For a lay man this percentile is not properly understood. How she stand to grab the government seat either in the state of Telangana, or across the country. Can the knowledgeable members share their views on this and clarify the doubts. How the rank and percentile differs and what it matters to the candidate ?
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    Congratulations Mohan, your daughter has done really well. I do not have much knowledge about NEET, but I think with a score of 464 she should be able to get admission in a Government College, since (I think) Telangana has 100% seat reservation for students with domicile. And there are quite a few Govt run medical colleges in the state. I wish her the very best. Well done!
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    Wow that was soothing and encouraging response from Juana. But here the caste also matters and hence my doubts are many.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations Mr. Mohan. Your daughter has done extremely well. Convey my greetings to her. I think she can secure a seat in Osmania Medical College or Gandhi Medical College. Under other states quota/non-local quota she may get a seat in AU Medical college, Vizag which is is one of the best regarded colleges after Osmania MC in AP and Telangana. All the best to her.

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    K Mohan,

    Convey my congratulations to your daughter for her great score in NEET! Wishing her success ahead & hoping she gets admission to a reputed institute.

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    Mohan, I convey congratulations to your daughter in her good performance in NEET. Best wishes for her to get admission in a good college of choice.

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    Mr. Mohan, It is very nice that your daughter secured a very good percentage, percentile and rank. There are very good chances for her to get a seat in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations to you, your wife and your daughter. My best wishes to your daughter. You owe a party to us. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.
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    NEET 2017 result declared
    top 25 candidates are as follows:
    Rank Name
    1 Navdeep Singh Punjab
    2 Archit Gupta M.P.
    3 Manish Mulchandani M.P.
    4 SankeerthSadananda Karnataka
    5 DograAbhishekVeerendra Maharashtra
    6 Deric Joseph Kerala
    7 KanishhTayal Haryana
    8 Nikita Goyal Punjab
    9 Aryan Raj Singh U.P.
    10 TanishBansal Punjab
    11 Nishita N. Purohit Gujarat
    12 LakkimsettiArnavThirinath Telengana
    13 Anuj Gupta M.P.
    14 NarreddyManvitha Andhra
    15 HarshitAnand West Bengal
    16 Harsh Agarwal Bihar
    17 Chavi Harkawat Rajasthan
    18 Nada Fatima Kerala
    19 Bhuvensh Sharma U.P.
    20 VanshikaArora Delhi
    21 MariyaBiji Varghese Kerala
    22 AditiGoyal Haryana
    23 Vishnu Singhal Gujarat
    24 ManganiDeepika Telengana
    25 AbhineetMathur Delhi

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    Congratulations to your daughter Mohan sir for getting a very decent score in NEET exam and hope she will get a free seat in girls quota. One of my colleagues daughter also got 460 marks and he is saying 480-500 marks are needed for free seat for general category. He is expecting A category seats are available for this score. But my thinking is we cannot easily estimate the competition of this year and we can hope for the best for getting a seat definitely for this score also.

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    For free seat category the fee is 10,000 and for A category seat , the fee is 60,000 and for B category it is 14 lakhs.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulation to you for your daughter scoring a great score of 464 in the NEET examination. May she enjoy the facilities that the score provides. My best wishes. May God bless her.

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    Receive my heartiest congratulation on grand success of your daughter.I am sure she will be get admitted in reputed Gov't College.Let it leave to God Almighty.He will help u.May God Bless her.You are a proud parent.
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    Hai all,
    Congratulations to your daughter sir.I think she will be admitted to any of the Gov. Colleges .Sir, you can look into the colleges site and can know what was the last rank which has been admitted to that particular college in the previous years.This may vary every year since this genera students are excellent in their studies.Still you will get an idea of the availability of seats in various colleges.

    All the best.

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