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    What do you do when you feel very annoyed by someone's activities but there is nothing you could do?

    There are situations in our life when we come around people because of whom we feel very annoyed, we don't like their activities or what they speak but we are left with no option other than to listen or just keep silence.
    Sometime we don't want to hurt them or sometime we just don't care enough to tell them that we don't like what they are doing.
    what are your reaction to such situation?
    does your facial expression revel how much annoyed you are?
    What's the best way to cope up with such situation?
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    If the matter affects me directly then I generally tell and convince the person about that and ask him to stop that wrong act amend. If it is not heeded to deliberately o repeated, I will show a piece of my mind.

    But if the annoying act is not of much consequence and the person gets some self satisfaction or wants to bloat himself by that, I just ignore it and do not react.
    As you said sometimes I keep quite not wanting to hurt them.

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    Now a days who has the time to take on the jibes of others against us. If someone is keeping on doing things that annoy it is better to warn him or her on the face. Those who are arrogant towards others needs a direct warning to mend their ways or snap the contact. Soon the person would realize the mistake and take extra precaution not to take jibes at others for granted, There is a person known to me. He always takes note of bad happenings with others with him to remember the same and take action against them when they are amid in a big function and thus that kind of humiliation cannot be tolerated. Such persons are burden to the society. I have also seen some people making jokes while others are taking food. That is also bad character. One should not disturb others while eating and that itself shows his bad character.
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    Sometimes it happens. The other person's behaviour or way of talking may not be good to others. But we can't tell the man directly about it. So when a chance comes we have to try to tell him the aspect and see that he will improve himself.

    When somebody is passing unwanted remarks about us, if we keep quiet the person may take it granted and further go in that direction. At the same time we can't quarrel with him in presence of all others as others will treat us the same way they are treating the culprit. So politely but strongly we should make our point saying that what he is telling is not correct and that kind of remarks not good for both. Then the other people will definitely understand the difference between the two.
    Another way of exposing that kind of people is keeping quiet ast that time and when they do some mischief, expose him in such a way that everybody will understand what type of man he is.

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    All the people in a society are not at the same intellectual level and also their understanding of a situation and reaction to an event are entirely different from each other. Under such an scenario it happens many times that a person gets annoyed with another one and one either confronts or makes a face or keeps silence.

    Whatever be the reaction of a person the situation is not healthy as it closes any further opportunity of a cordial environment between the two.

    At a later stage one can try to tell the offending person regarding his unacceptable behaviour and may be during that calm atmosphere he may repent and ask to be excused.

    Actually these people are temparamental and not reliable in their behavior. They will go to any extent without understanding that other person is not ready to hear absurd and annoying matters. If you ignore them then only they come to a forced halt and still do a lot of damage from their gestures.

    Anyway sometimes we do not have a choice and we have to bear with such people.

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    Simple. Come up with a very comical retort and tell them to shut up. Things like "I like you very much when you talk less" are used by me frequently. If it is the action that bothers you, try to flee from the scene. If the person catches up with you and resumes the action, you know what, join him. If he's trash talking you, do the same. If he's flinging paper on you, do the same. This would reduce his enthusiasm after a while.
    Being straighforward helps a great deal. If something or someone bothers you, just tell them.

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    Ignoring them is the best way and that's what I do. If such persons are close to us, we will try to mend their ways in a friendly manner just as our little tot also makes us annoyed sometimes, yet we take it very sweet and lovely. Isn't it?

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