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    Discrimination towards Widows.

    In our society we always observe discrimination towards widows. When we want to go out if a widow is coming on the opposite side we feel it is bad omen and we will come inside and go after sometime. In marriage and other functions we will not allow widows to come and bless the couple initially. The women is same before and after the death of her husband. But the society treat them differently. Why this discrimination? Is it her fault that her husband died. How she is responsible for the death of her husband? A male who lost his wife can enjoy his life as he likes. But a female who lost her husband will not live as she like. Is it correct? It is really a male dominated world. Your ideas on the issue please.
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    Yes the life of a widow in the present society is miserable. She already lost her beloved and now she has to face the wrath of the family and society. In social functions and marriages, the widows are kept aside and not even cared during important religious rituals and thus she feels unwanted and not required in the society. More pathetic is the situation of a woman who lost the husband at the young age. She is not allowed to marry other person. There is no security for her nor her child. She is constantly abused and not cared. Good that TS government has been identifying such women who are helpless by giving pensions.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In 21st century, these discrimination are diminishing. Widows are treated with respect now. We don't compel them to shave their heads or wear a white saree. There's a phenomenal increase in widow marriage. I think pretty much every social evil seems to be gone for good in this century. It's the western ideas that are bringing this change and also the education.
    In future maybe the plight of our widows will change.

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    Since decades the fate of the widows are miserable as if they wantonly invited the situation. But the pity in this is even now as many of telling that we are scientifically improved or developed etc., But the main thing in this discrimination on them is majority from ladies only rather than gents. If we point out this while seeing such situations they got angry on us as if we should not comment on their such action.

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