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    Does Engineering students need moral counseling and moral boosting ?

    After the intermediate college is over, many students who have taken the MPC group are vying to take the Engineering streams and thus want to settle for their life. But once they go to the Engineering level, their level of involvement with other students and socializing with fellow groups have been increasing and that is reducing their interest in studies and projects being suggested and demanded by the college. Some times the lecturers are fed up advising them and hence they are sent to other colleges to have inclusive session on moral behavior and responsibility. Is that required for a Engineering student ?
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    Yes. It is required not only to Engineering students but also to all youth in their teen ages or early twenties. The boys of that age are not full matured in their thoughts and get easily attracted towards evil acts. So for a student this age is very crucial and parents should be very watchful about them. They feel like heroes and tease teachers and girls. They make friendship with easy going people and do all non senses. For them they can't understand the morals and value of morals. They feel happy at other's problems. Ragging is the best example for the immaturity of these people. So it is good to send them to classes on morales and responsibilities. In fact Universities can think of introducing it as a part of their curriculum and one paper should be introduced in first year for all degree ist year students. Then at least a good percentage of people will get the maturity and understand the morals and their values.
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    Hai all,
    Lack of moral values and responsibility is a common issue seen in the teenagers.Not only engineering students, almost all students of this generation lack moral values.

    Since I am doing my Mtech, let me share my experience, as part of the teaching assistance program, I have to attend a few labs and classes for Engineering students.I could see their attitude and disrespect.But still there are a few students who considers that education not only aims at seeking knowledge.

    Another interesting fact is that in engineering syllabus(universities of kerala) there is a subject named humanities in which a student should learn some of the human culture and importance of moral values.But even after learning all those, students are not aware about their responsibilities.

    I believe that moral values and responsibilities are not the ones to be taught by anyone.Those are the values in life which must be self analyzed and practiced by every students.

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    Yes;the students are loosing moral values.In engineering and medical colleges it is a fashion to enjoy with friends.The students do not maintain the values of our culture.They adopt everything of European countries.They cheat their friends.They play dual role.They also cheat their parents.Many students demand alot as fees and they spend on their girls or boys friend.
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