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    While taking selfies, is the face more important or the locations which are chosen?

    Do you like to take selfies with different looks at beautiful locations? In that case, do you give importance to your face or to the location? Follow this forum thread and share your views as well.

    With the advent of smart phones and with high quality camera cell phones, people are sharing even live happenings on the social media. The selfie mania has increased manifold and every moment of life is being shared with the world. But while taking selfies, the person not only shares the weird looks of himself or herself but also try to chose wonderful locations. What do they try to share with us, their weird looks or the beautiful locations? By the way, it would be more acceptable, if the face of the person thus shared is in smiling mode. What is your say?
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    Nowadays taking selfie has become a fashion and hobby. When a meet a new person or go to a new place. Selfie taking is an art. Equal importance is to be given to the area as well as face.
    In my opinion we should give importance to location and then to face. Similarly when we are taking a selfie with friend we should see that both the faces are equally visible.

    The habit of this selfies is increasing day by day. It is not only for youth but also for people of all ages . In my childhood taking a photo is a very time taking and costly affair. But it is all different now.

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    Mohan sir, to the possible extent the face with location is highly appreciable while taking selfies. But the main thing we have to keep in mind is the backyard of us as we should not fell down or hit others. Once we went to Kodaikanal in the silver falls many tourists were taking fotos (selfies) with their mobiles, a girl was keen in taking her selfie with her face and falls into one shot but to her bad time, she lost her balance on the parapet wall and thereby she got injured in the elbows and knees badly. As many people are taking selfies and other photographs they could not see others' safety, we should be very careful..

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