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    Souls have different qualities

    Through my experiences ,I have collected information about souls.As the men and women have different qualities so that the souls have.I felt some souls help their kith and keens managing all the rituals in a good way.On the other hand some do not help.Souls which love their kith and kins ,help them in performing their rituals.On the other hand souls which do not love their kith and kin due to their negligent behaviour punish them.Do you believe in this theory or not?
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    I would like to disagree with your observation. Because, personally I don't believe in spirits and souls. But supposing that a soul element resides in human body and assuming that all humans when stripped away of everything,will solely remain as souls; doesn't that mean that all the souls are the same. No two souls are different.
    Souls aren't physical. From what I know, souls are just your collected consciousness. They are not a matter or an energy. So their interference in physical world is absolutely impossible. Souls possess nothing. They are hollow.
    I imagine them to be white balls. Hollow,plain and shapeless.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I think this is all imagination of people only. We have no strong points to believe. Many people talk about this. But they are baseless. I heard a discussion between two people. One person died in their house. They have performed rituals. It is customary to keep three balls of food in a leave in open and wait for a cow to come and eat it. But on that no crow was visible and not eating the food. Then they were thinking that person before dying is having a wish of drinking coffee. So these people decide to keep some coffee also near the food. They kept it and waiting for a crow. After waiting and waiting for about 30 minutes a crow came that side and tasted both. All the people are very happy that old man's wish is fulfilled. These are, I take, as coincidence and I don't have any confidence or belief in these souls helping and harming and all that.
    always confident

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    Souls have no bias or changing mentality, to my knowledge. Many of us not doing rituals in the thought of hatred (here we have to note that the hatred is only in us not in the soul). But as for as the human birth rule, we, everybody, are expected to do the rites according to their religion without fail. There is a word, pithru shab (curse from pithru) but the same is interpreted wrongly as if you have mentioned but is not correct as no pithru curse his/her(actually after attaining the soul stage on cannot have any attachment to the living beings-as we can see this in a tamil/telugu movie-veera abimanyu)(see this: the thing reiterated here is the curse may fall on you because of not doing pitru karma. But one thing here the believing and not believing in one is also based on his/her karmas.

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    Whether we believe or not, who cares, but the fact is that souls are there and they do roam around us for their unfulfilled dreams and seek our intervention till it is met. Those who die as elder and with ailment, they do have some last wishes which does not get fulfilled and their sole keep rounding us and reminding. My wife use to tell me that she gets the dream of her mother and father often visiting her in dreams and advising good things to be taken and thus she believes that. Because I was a son for them and they trusted us very much. Our portion is also beside their house and thus the connection and boding was high and that is reflected as souls even in dreams. If you go to Gaya you will get the right meaning for souls. People are not fools to go there and perform rituals to satisfy the souls and that is real.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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