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(This thread is the Special prize winner of the TOW contest for the week 18th June - 24th June'17)
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    The Butterfly effect!

    It is a phenomenon where minute localized change can bring great effects elsewhere. Hard to understand? A butterfly flies by flapping it's wings up and down. A small initial jerk gives the bug enough lift to fly for miles. We don't comprehend the impact of our actions.
    Even the minutest of the changes can cause colossal issues. Then imagine what an act of epic proportions can do. It's frightening actually.

    Imagine yourself eating a banana and walking on the road. You couldn't find a dustbin, so you just threw the peel around a corner. A sleeping cat was startled by your throw and ran towards the road. A car driver steers rapidly to avoid the cat and ends up hitting a
    Butterfly effect always starts and ends with you.
    So be careful from next time and handle things cautiously. Remember, if any accidents happen to you on your course, it is because of yourself only.
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    Butterfly effect. I have learned about it one Telugu movie I think. I got a very clear cut Idea. When you beat someone on his thigh is it possible that all your teeth will fell down. Somebody slaps on your cheek, it may be possible. This butterfly effect says it is possible. The author has given a good example for this. Throwing a banana peel into a dustbin is a common issue. But the cat seeing it and trying come running to eat it and hitting a car is unimaginable. But this kind of situation happen sometimes.

    Accidents are made they will not happen. Accidents are mainly due to human failure. Overconfidence and recklessness are the main reasons for any kind of accident. One should be cautious always to avoid unforeseen incidents.

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    These days accidents are mostly happened due to carelessness of teenagers.I feel happy hear the news that teenagers should not be given driving licence.Their parents will be punished if they provide
    Vehicles to their teenaged sons and daughters.In Patna mostly accidents are happened by class X and XI students.These days auto drivers also drive recklessly and make accidends.

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    Members are requested to read the thread properly and try to comprehend the idea before posting their responses.
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    Interesting! I read this and was immediately reminded of an animated movie that I have seen, where a bee or a wasp flaps its wings to create a tornado-like storm. The ripple effect.

    This thread is quite philosophical.

    Yes, small actions impact us, but the butterfly uses the same wings to fly through strong winds and to change its direction. The flying is not just a result of it flapping its wings, it is also a result of its resolve to fly. It is also the strength in its wings.

    We must make wise decisions and be in control of our lives. Yes, things happen unexpectedly, maybe as a result of our own callousness or because of others. But, we must exhibit strength to overcome those challenges. We must soar like the butterfly and charter our own path. The initial flaps are just the beginning of the butterflies journey. Its true character is in how it braves the strong winds that rattle its tiny, fragile body.

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    The author has brought in the butter fly effect with a nice example and that can happen to any one. Sometimes with the fit of anger, we may attempt or do things, that will have cascading effect of major proportion. When we compare with butterfly, its action purely rests on how it glides the wings to its safety. Likewise we the human being are also responsible for our own action and there cannot be excuse for wrong doing. And mind it butter fly chooses the best flowers to suck the honey, same way we must chose the best peer group and stay ahead of others. We can learn many things from that fly.
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    Really interesting thread raised by author butterfly effect and how a action started by us leads to us in some manner but with more harsh consequences sometime - may be coincident, may be science or things related to mythology ( circle of karma) but it happens.
    Even if we observe our day to day life we can find such incidents eg- a little quarrel in the neighborhood leads to lifelong fight between peoples and such fight takes place in steps, very minute but instigated by someone and after revolving a circle round it comes back to the person who started it.
    Hindu mythology connects such encounters with circle of Karma where a small thing instigated by a person somehow comes back to him within a course of time. So whether we believe in Karma or not we should keep a check on our action and try to observe such coincidences in our day to day life to understand this phenomenon and escape its harmful effects and gain good results .

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