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    Should an IT employee apply for GST?

    Hi Members,

    I suddenly received a message from my bank that I should update my GSTIN immediately. I dint have any idea. I just searched online. I heard about this recently only and it is not yet effective as far I know. But few articles online say like it is an old thing and registration for GST already got completed etc.

    I am confused now. I am working in an IT company. I have a PAN and a PF account. That's all. Could you tell me what should I do for this GSTIN? Should I register or Can I register still? How can I register?

    Please clarify my doubts. Thanks in advance.
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    What I feel that now the general tax regime is going to be implemented from 1st July it also applies for products, services and even professions. The professional tax is also going to be deducted from the IT employees for their earnings. This is was told by my colleague.
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    I am not sure but GST is applicable to all manufacturers and sellers. Also various service providers like telecom providers, consultants, chartered accountants etc. are brought under the ambit of GST. As this is an indirect tax, GST will be ultimately borne by the end consumers, just like in the current process. If your have opened the SB A/c with your Banker as a Consultant, then they may be confused of the applicability and sought the registration number. You can check with the bank and appraise them of your job position.

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    GST is not applicable to Salaried employees. They will pay profession tax and that will be deducted by employer and pay to government. No registration is required. They are not brought under GST. But individuals who are in profession like, Consultants, accountants and auditors will not draw monthly salaries. Earlier days they have to pay service tax. Now the service tax also merged in to GST. Hence they have to take GST registration. Probably there is some confusion. Is your designation "Consultant". You should go to bank once and get the records checked and do the needful. It should be a mistake of bank. Go and get it cleared.
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